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I wasn’t going to write anything for this week’s Food For Thought topic on friends and friendship because I have written about before. But, it gives me a chance to link up my previous posts and perhaps to expand a little.

My best friend and partner

Is of course Master. Next weekend is the 6th anniversary of our first meeting. He and I are lovers, we are Master and slave and we are friends. We are friends in a way that was never the case with my ex. Neither of us have many friends and I am glad and grateful that we have each other. There have been times over the last couple of years when I wonder what I’d do without him. He has been the most amazing, caring individual who has put me. before everything else.

Many of my friendships have been transient

As I wrote here last May, people have come and gone from my life. when I wrote this I said that there is no one special I could confide in. But I don’t think that’s quite right. We have a friend in Holland who confided in us when we saw her before Christmas. The time I spent with her, listening and helping her make some difficult decisions made me realise she is someone I could confide in. I also believe she is someone who will remain a friend and not walk away,. Around May time we also saw her and it was then I told her about my breast cancer. She was upset that I hadn’t confided before and I was sorry I hadn’t. I just didn’t want to do it by text message or phone call. But another time I definitely would go to her if I needed help or support.

Online friends who become real friends

I wrote in August about those people who I’ve got to know online and consider to be friends. Those I know from Munches and other events and those I’ve met at Eroticon. The beauty of attending something like Eroticon several years in a row (this will be our 4th) is picking up with friends again. Also developing those relationships over time. Last year was the first time I really struck up detailed conversations with people and I hope to do much more of that this year.


2 thoughts on “Friendship”

  1. It’s a wonderful thing when partners/spouses are friends makes life easy. 😉
    And online friends are always nice to have even for a Hello, how ya doing? every now and again. 🙂

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