A bright new day

This is one of the photos taken last March when we celebrated Master’s birthday. A beautiful spring day as I think you can see from the image. I’m not sure where we’ll be on his birthday this year, it’s a special year for him and he is choosing where we’ll go. Hopefully though there will be lots of opportunities for photos and plenty of bright new days to come.

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I wasn’t going to write anything for this week’s Food For Thought topic on friends and friendship because I have written about before. But, it gives me a chance to link up my previous posts and perhaps to expand a little.

My best friend and partner

Is of course Master. Next weekend is the 6th anniversary of our first meeting. He and I are lovers, we are Master and slave and we are friends. We are friends in a way that was never the case with my ex. Neither of us have many friends and I am glad and grateful that we have each other. There have been times over the last couple of years when I wonder what I’d do without him. He has been the most amazing, caring individual who has put me. before everything else.

Many of my friendships have been transient

As I wrote here last May, people have come and gone from my life. when I wrote this I said that there is no one special I could confide in. But I don’t think that’s quite right. We have a friend in Holland who confided in us when we saw her before Christmas. The time I spent with her, listening and helping her make some difficult decisions made me realise she is someone I could confide in. I also believe she is someone who will remain a friend and not walk away,. Around May time we also saw her and it was then I told her about my breast cancer. She was upset that I hadn’t confided before and I was sorry I hadn’t. I just didn’t want to do it by text message or phone call. But another time I definitely would go to her if I needed help or support.

Online friends who become real friends

I wrote in August about those people who I’ve got to know online and consider to be friends. Those I know from Munches and other events and those I’ve met at Eroticon. The beauty of attending something like Eroticon several years in a row (this will be our 4th) is picking up with friends again. Also developing those relationships over time. Last year was the first time I really struck up detailed conversations with people and I hope to do much more of that this year.

SoSS 2020 – 2

I’ve written less this week. I’ve had the time but not the inclination. I guess that’s part of the problem with the long month of January, it’s easy to run out of steam. But I have instead had time for reading and thinking about what I’ve read.

Floss Liddell has been going through some changes in her life recently and her post Making my mind a priority struck a cord. It is important to explore and embrace life, to do new things. Even if that means leaving others behind or putting them on the back burner. You only get one life and it is definitely for living and loving.

Brigit Delaney’s post on Time Management is a lesson in working out how to get the most out of life without burning out. Making goals and adjusting them when you realise they aren’t really achievable. I’m really interested that Brigit has started yoga, something I think I’d love to try. Like her, I am not a fan of workouts. I tend to be a clock watcher and long for the end of the session. Another thought provoking post and definitely worth a read.

I absolutely love Swirly’s writing. It is direct, poignant and often very moving. This poem, The Silent Timekeeper is just wonderful. the words are powerful and really make you think about time and what it means to me.

I’m new to Lizzie’s blog Master and Lizzie and will certainly be reading much more of her work. This post: Finding Lizzie resonated with me. Because I too always thought there was something missing from my life, but was scared of the unknown. I too, realised it was me who needed to change so I could take control. Then promptly gave that part of my self to another in a D/s relationship.

The sexual desires of women around the menopause is a subject poorly understood and rarely written about. We are lucky in our group of sex bloggers to have people who are willing and able to write about their experiences. I include myself in that group. Perimenopause – My time to shine written by Posy Churchgate, published on Sisters in Smut. In the post Posy explores how a question about porn on the agony aunt page of a magazine led to her own thoughts on women, sex and the menopause. As someone approaching that phase in her life, she highlights her own experiences in expanding her knowledge and developing her erotic fiction skills.

Her post led to a twitter conversation between myself, posy and Marie Rebelle who has a Menopause diaries section on her blog. I’m wondering about developing a monthly (or bi-monthly) newsletter rounding up posts (fiction and non-fiction) that relate to sex, relationships and anything else for us older women. Something else to add to my planning goals for this year. I’ll be exploring this topic in another post soon.

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