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On the new shelves installed in our living room last week is the dictionary section (yes this is something of a library). But I hope this picture doesn’t completely define me.

While I love posing for him and was happy to do so in front of the new shelving, I’m not happy with this body. I don’t want it to define me.

So, I’ve made changes this week, which I intend to continue. My struggle with weight and body image continue. But for now, this is me and I am happy and proud that he loves to photograph me as I am.

Sinful Sunday

10 thoughts on “Definition”

  1. I see a sexy individual, relaxed and abandoned to her pleasure. Saying that, I support and admire your efforts to maintain a healthy body because that should make you feel happier in yourself. I also love seeing real books on shelves – I love books!

  2. I think this is very very sexy! I can understand that it is difficult to love our bodies and that we all go through waves where we really want it to be different, improved. I hope the changes you have started will give you the results you want!

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