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What do you see?

We love to observe the people around us and wonder about their lives. We often question whether those people even see us. The focus often seems to be each other or their phone. Indeed I wonder whether some people are aware of their surroundings at all. I like to watch people, I like that Master likes to watch me and I’m increasingly happy for people to see me at my most vulnerable.

Watch and see

There is nothing better than sitting outside a cafe, pub or restaurant and watching people walk past, sit down with friends or lovers. We often notice that one person monopolises the conversation, or we see friends that don’t interact unless they have something from their phone to see. We look at body language, are they lovers, is this the end of a relationship or are they on a first date. It is fascinating. But you know, I don’t think it is something everyone does. Indeed my own son told me off for discussing other diners with Master. “It isn’t kind” he said. Funny thing is I don’t believe we were being unkind, just seeing and observing.

Being observed

Sometimes, when I am dressing in the morning I will see Master looking at me. I’ll ask him what he is doing and he will say that he is looking at me. That he loves to look at me. That he enjoys my body. There was a time when I would have been embarrassed by this. Why does he want to look at me – an overweight, middle aged woman. But I am his lover, his slave and he loves me and my body. They body that he owns and possesses.

I think he sees a different me to the one I do when I look in the mirror. It is only when I look at photos like the one I posted for Sinful Sunday this week, that I realise. That I am able to see a little of what others do. That I am proud and happy. He is responsible, in no small part to the confidence I feel. And that is a great

Letting people see me

All of me. I wrote recently about our return to CMnf. I know people do look at each other there. Because people spoke to me about my body. I know that they like to watch the public play and that from that they may learn from each other. Or else it gives them the confidence to play in public too.

The first time I was very nervous. But now, I find I can shut out the people and things around me and settle into the moment. I am not worried I am being watched, in fact I really love it.

Kink clubs usually (for very good reasons), have a no phone rule. People are there to see and be seen. To meet up and chat. To play and to perform. That people are naked or dressed in fetish gear is part of the fun of those events. Their clothes, nakedness and demeanour is saying – look at me. Of course, we love to people watch there too. To wonder about them and their lives. Occasionally too we get to know others and find out the reality. And that’s what happened to us last time.

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7 thoughts on “What do you see?”

  1. There is something almost magical in watching other people, and I know it must have happened countless times that others were watching me too, and weaving stories around what they see, just the way I do with them 😉

    Rebel xox

  2. I too am always a bit mythed when my man stares intently at me – but sometimes I do the same to him – watching is great thing – it really makes me appreciate the gift of sight xx

  3. Your header picture — I know that statue. 🙂 It’s outside a book store I visit often, and I have a great photo of my husband sitting next to it, acting like they’re having a conversation.

    Just wanted to note about the no phone rule too — My ‘club’ experience is limited, but in the one I’ve been to most often “No Phones” is a rule because of confidentiality. People expect that what they are doing in that space will remain confidential, if not exactly ‘private’, so the club takes away the risk of being photographed by banning phones and other electronics. I would not attend a club where phones or cameras were allowed, for that reason.

    1. Yes, sorry I didn’t explain that well! I guess I was caught up in the fact that it means people are not preoccupied by them. Oh wow re: the statue 😁

  4. This were interesting musings/thoughts on the topic Julie.

    I know I’m sometimes preoccupied with my phone, mostly because I try to do blog admin in my downtime! I do however indulge in people watching a lot and like to try and guess the what’s and whys about their lives and dynamics.

    I get a little self-conscious if my OH watches me undress, odd really as he has seen me in all sorts of states. When I’m feeling confident and sassy I like him to look, but if I feel ordinary or vulnerable – not so much.

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