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Female Chastity – Physical or Emotional

Over the past year or so my Kink of the Week post on female chastity has been one of the most frequently read on my blog. I admit to being fascinated by the concept of physical chastity devices. Though I have never worn one, I find the idea extremely erotic. That I, a submissive woman might be locked into a metal and leather device by my Master. Prevented from touching myself makes me wet. I imagine him leaving me at home, locked in while he leaves town. The idea of being unable to touch myself, masturbate, is almost enough to make me cum. However this is all part of my imagination. Because the truth is I am not wearing a device, he is here and I actually don’t touch myself without his permission anyway,

For me, wearing a chastity device is a fantasy, though I would love to try. My Master doesn’t tend to deny me orgasms, he is more likely to force them out of me. But denial is part of that fantasy. For this post I want to explore whether to be denied orgasms actually requires a device. Or whether the control of a Master is enough to stop a slave touching herself (unless instructed), masturbating or even orgasming. Indeed, are there slaves out there who have been deprived of an orgasm for more than a year. Yet wear no physical device. The answer to that one is: Yes there are.

Physical Chastity Devises

You can find pictures of the various devises available here on Pinterest. This article on Kink Closet provides all the information you need to help you choose the right device. That includes it’s purpose, how to measure yourself as well as advice on cleaning.

I especially like this particular model. It’s not something you’d want to be locked into for long periods, but the idea is pretty erotic. So much so that I’m going to write some erotica based on it. I’ll link back when it’s done.

There is plenty of female chastity erotica here on Literotica, which might be worth a look meantime.

My other fantasy for physical chastity is through the use of labial piercings. I wrote a piece of flash fiction about having my labia locked together. It’s certainly something I’d love to explore more. Of course, this is a more permanent type of solution, in that the labia are pierced and then joined by rings or bars.

Emotional Chastity

I hadn’t previously thought about orgasm control and denial as a form of chastity, but of course it is. We practice control, but not denial. This means that my orgasms belong to Master and he grants me permission to come. When I do, I thank him. Since we have been together I have rarely masturbated on my own and not at all in the time we have lived together. He loves to see and feel me orgasm, especially when his cock is deep inside me. On occasion we use a vibrator to make this happen. But whether or how I come depends on him. He is in charge and decides.

Other couples in power exchange relationships take orgasm denial to a different level. Littlegem writes in this post about how her husband and Dominant Purple Sole uses short periods of orgasm control and denial as a form of behavioural control. She also discusses how this increases her need to express her submission to him.

This is done without using a physical device or piercings. But through emotional control. I could go upstairs now and masturbate, but don’t because I know I mustn’t and because if I did I would have to tell Master what I had done. However the very thought that I have agreed to this rule reinforces my submission and also makes me want an orgasm more.

Blossom is a slave in a long distance M/s relationship she wrote on 15th October that she had been in orgasm denial for 650 days.

“never thought this would happen to this girl but it is happening and have to say am still enjoying every moment of it….of course one has her good and bad days….but all in all it has been good….hot, delicious moments….painful moments where one rubbed her clit so often that it hurt to touch”.

Physical vs Emotional

Physical female chastity is something of my imagination, desire and fantasy. But unlikely to become a reality for me. It looks like something to wear during play, or for a specific scene. But I know from the sheer amount of information available that this is a big kink for many people. It is also something that I find fascinating and will probably continue to read and write about.

Emotional chastity or control is a reality in my life and those of fellow bloggers. It isn’t something you need equipment for. But you will need a willing submissive or slave and time to develop a power exchange relationship.

Masturbation Monday

A later, erotic fiction post can be found here.

25 thoughts on “Female Chastity – Physical or Emotional”

  1. I’m submissive, but I was allowed to turn the tables on my wife for 5 days. I sat between her legs while she used the Magic Wand on her clit. About 1/2 second into her orgasm, I grabbed the wand, This went on for 5 days and she was so horny she couldn’t stand it. It was very erotic.

  2. Great to read a perspective on female chastity. Discussion of chastity is dominated by male chastity and the female counterpart rarely breaks through.

    Having lived a permanent chastity lifestyle I’m fascinated by the differences, physical and emotional. From the women I have talked to about this, anatomy causes more variations in female chastity than male. For example, my former mistress says it would be pointless with her as she can climax from pulsing vaginal muscles.

    Again, from those I’ve talked to the fantasy around chastity is most pronounced the labial piercings and locking rings. Some of the images I’ve seen of this are stunning.

    I do hope you enjoy exploring it can be one hell of a ride. 🌹🌹

    1. I think the differences would be interesting to explore. I also agree about how women are able to orgasm without actually touching themselves. Fascinating subject.

  3. Lovely post and thank you for the link. It’s an interesting link between the physical and emotional. Having tried a belt we found it more of a fantasy as there are other practicalities to consider. The denial part and the emotional side is much more sexy.

  4. thanks for the mention Julie….am on 671 days of ones orgasm denial…loved your post and Master and one played about with the idea of a chastity device but didnt do much more about it.

  5. I really liked this post. I am also interested in the idea of a chastity device. Like you, I am controlled by his will anyway but there is something about it that I find hot too 😊

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