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Being positive

This is prompt week on Sinful Sunday. But as I mentioned in my last post, I am not a lover of Halloween, therefore I make no excuse for not following the prompt.

Instead I want to show you another (in what might be a series) of photos where I proudly show you my body. I am preparing for my reconstructive surgery and as I do so feel better about sharing what my mastectomy looks like.

This is the third (and final) photo from our recent trip to Oxford. I think you can see here that I am much more at home in my body. More positive and confident. This has been a journey I don’t recommend, but one which I am happy to share.

I stand at the window of our hotel on a beautiful morning. The view behind is the historic buildings of the Oxford University Schook (back). I am standing proudly showing my body. I have one breast - the right removed in a mastectomy last year.
Sinful Sunday

29 thoughts on “Being positive”

  1. This is a glorious image Julie. The look in your eyes and your stance made me really think about your journey and the way you are embracing it. Sending positive thoughts x

  2. I agree with Eye there is something to determined and strong about the way you are holding your head. You look proud and bold and that is very sexy


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  4. Oh Julie – what a fantastic image <3 You are one the bravest women I have had the pleasure of meeting and it is so wonderful to see you stand strong, powerful and utterly kick ass <3 You are an inspiration x

  5. Beautiful picture, Julie. I don’t know if you enjoy stand-up but I watched a comedy special tonight by Tig Notaro, from 2016, filmed after her double mastectomy and she does the majority of the act completely topless. It was quite incredible to watch a woman discuss such personally vulnerable moments in such an exposed way. I appreciate your candidness so much and I applaud your positivity.

  6. Wow Julie – this is an awe inspiring image. Your face reflects strength and positivity and your stance says “hey this is me” – you are brave and wonderful woman xx

  7. I love the way the soft light lands on you in this strong and confident pose. The way you have shared your journey has been amazing and I am sure I am not alone on being grateful. This image is such a powerful one that it has taken me a while to find what to say. You absolutely rock.

  8. Strong, proud, resilient and beautiful. Incredibly moving and hopeful post and image Julie, I thank you for sharing your incredibly personal journey with us all x

  9. So happy to read your words about feeling positive and confident. And also your words about getting your blogging mojo back in your other post.

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