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Looking out

Hotel rooms offer up infinite opportunities for Sinful Sunday photos and we are lucky we travel often. This was taken in the same room as last week’s image, but as you can see the view is very different. Some of you may even recognise the location.

I am standing naked looking out of the window at the back of the Oxford examination school. The sky is blue and the sun reflects on some of the small window panes. I am facing out, so you can see my back and part of my bottom.
Sinful Sunday

12 thoughts on “Looking out”

  1. I love window images. They are like double the pleasure, because you have the original image, which is lovely btw, and also the outside image which adds to the story (where are they, why, what is happening out there and how might it impact what is happening inside). I’m not sure where you are here, but it looks quaint and cozy and sunny.

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