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Kissing vignettes

The touch of your lips as you brush mine sends a shiver through my body. My nerve endings tingle and you pull me into your arms. Our lips meet again, your lips part and slide your tongue onto mine. They dance a little together, we smile, and then our lips meet again, this time closed.

I’m standing at the window looking out onto the street where two of our neighbours are chatting. Suddenly you are behind me, your brush your lips over the back of my neck and gently kiss in the centre. Then you place your hands over my clothed breasts and will those outside to look up and in.

I lay naked on the bed and you crouch between my open legs. You lean down and nibble at my nipple while stroking my breast, then run your tongue across the areola. Finally you take it into your mouth. The feeling of you sucking on me sends erotic messages to my cunt, which tightens. You release the nipple and instead suck my tit, leaving a tiny bruise. Something that will remind me later of where you have been.

We lay together on the sofa watching TV. Something makes us laugh and I turn my head towards you. We kiss gently and then because we are both aroused, our mouths remain locked in their own embrace. Our tongues move together and the TV is forgotten. You break away and instruct me to suck your cock. I protest, though not strongly and while you undo your trousers I get down onto the floor. As I take your cock into my mouth I inhale your aroma, teasing the tip with my tongue and then taking you more deeply.

Afterwards you pull me into your arms and kiss my mouth. You tell me you love the taste of your cock on my lips. But then you also love the taste of my cunt and though I love it less, I kiss you passionately then too.

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