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Being pierced

My left breast with a small bite to the left of the nipple. I have a piercing with a semi circular ring in situ. the colour contrast between the area of my chest that has seen the sun and that which has been in my bra are marked. The sun is also shining on the paler area.

We had been together just a matter of weeks when I became a pierced woman. I’d had my ears pierced as a teenager, but body piercings weren’t something I had considered until I was in my 50s.

S had first broached the idea and I have to say I was tempted. But since he wasn’t as committed to our relationship as me, I’m glad that didn’t happen. But when Master suggested nipple and clit piercings to me, I jumped at the chance. To this day, I don’t even know why I was so keen.

Sign of my submission

Or maybe being pierced was something that felt part of my submission. An intimate way of showing him I wanted to be his submissive. It felt right and since he came with me when I had them done, I knew he was serious. I wrote about the experience here, at the time.

Since that time we have discussed the links between my piercings and role as his submissive and slave. Certainly they have been a focus of his attention over the years. That I was willing to do that for him and that he could enjoy them so much.

An aid to pleasure

I always loved having my nipples played with. Also, I loved (and hate) having clamps applied. To begin with, the slight pain following piercing was a turn on in itself. Later once they began to heal I enjoyed trying new jewellery and he loved putting chains between them.

The clit piercing was and still is quite the arousal tool. He loves rubbing his finger, tongue or cock over it. I also like to rub around the bar when I get myself off. Also if I wear something tight I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t take much wriggling to be able to come through my clothes.

It is in a mighty fiddly place though. I can only see it with a mirror and we had the devils job undoing the balls on the bar. So much so that I left it in place till I had surgery last October (4 years). We replaced the metal with a plastic bar which is there now. I have plans to change it and Master has bought me a new jewelled bar. But we are lazy and maybe it won’t be done till after my next surgery.

My one nipple

The histology report on my mastectomy said that the right nipple was chronically inflamed. I have to admit that the piercing continued to weep and crust even after 4 years. The left was always better, especially once I’d had it re-pierced in Amsterdam.

Now of course I have one breast, one nipple and one piercing. The pleasure I used to have when my breast and nipple were stroked and caressed is not so evident. I know this is psychological and hopefully it will subside. Maybe once I have two breasts again, I will take more pleasure in nipple play again. Mean time, I still wear my jewellery and like the way it looks.

Instead of dwelling on this, we are looking forward to new piercings once surgery is done.

Future piercings

We’ve talked for a long time about me getting my inner labia pierced. I’ve written about it and would love it I know. Along with the tattoos we have planned that is the next step. I will need my new breast tattooing with a nipple and I will be looking for someone experienced in that area. At the same time, I hope to get the piercings done too.

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10 thoughts on “Being pierced”

  1. This was really interesting. Although I have thought about piercings I don’t have any and it is good to know the ways that they can add something for others. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Is it your clitoral hood that is pierced. I am not keen on genital piercings but I have seen one of the hood that are actually very pretty.

    With regards to the breast cancer, I know a lady a few years ago who is in NZ who got her nipples pierced in her 50’s and developed breast cancer in one of her breasts and the report afterwards mentioned something very similar and it one of the things that has always made me slightly worried about getting it done.


    1. The hood piercing is pretty, it is just a shame I can’t see it without a mirror. I don’t think the breast cancer and piercing are linked, but I think if I had as much trouble with a piercing as I did with that one in future I would take it out. xx

  3. I have had several body piercings as well as ears and nose. I have both nipples, belly button and clit ringed. As for my nose piercings (septum and nostril) I had it done because I love the Indian way of wearing them with chains from ear to nose, but only on one side. We live in sort of the bible belt in the mid west, and if I wear this out it does cause a little staring. I don’t care about that, I just love it and so does my darling S. I feel extremely submissive in it.
    Because of all the cancer and radiation therapy I have removed all my hardware and just haven’t put it back in because a couple will have to be redone.
    I used to have extremely sensitive nipples but not so much now after surgery.
    All of this is my choice but I do take into consideration. His thoughts and desires do mean a great deal to me. I mean he is the one that has to look at it.

    As an aside Julie you look amazing. Never question that. I know it is really difficult to sort of come back out into the light when you have been fighting cancer but don’t hide you have always looked amazing and you still do.
    <3 <3 <3

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