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Why I blog – to write and to read

There is something about writing here on my blog and posting my words online that I love. I have kept various diaries and journals over the years, but tended not to continue them for long. Blogging involves not only writing but reading the words of others and interacting with those writers. That is something that appeals to me.


My first blog was about my work environment. The health service is always subject to change and blogging was a way of expressing my views about it. I saw that other nurses and medics were doing the same and thought why not. I loved the anonymity and ability to express myself. Writing was something I had always enjoyed but I was surprised to find others read and commented on my ramblings.

This was somehow different from writing papers and reports for work, at last my own voice was emerging. This was a space for me to give my opinion as well as to compare my experiences with those of others.

I’ve explained before that when I started this blog I deleted my work related one. I have to admit I still regret doing so, but was worried about being double discovered.

This blog started during another period of change, this time more personal. I wrote about my own voyage of discovery – infidelity, a new relationship, my sexuality and exposing kink. So much was wizzing around in my head that I needed to write it down. And since I had the experience of my original blog, what better way to journal than through a blog.


I started off writing for myself, to express my own thoughts and feelings. But I barely wrote anything without also reading the words of others. My real life kink exporation took place while reading the books and blogs of others. My thirst for knowledge and information was immense. I was reassured to find that I wasn’t the only one to discover a side to themselves they didn’t previously know about. To experience a sexual awakening. Reading other people’s work made me want to write more. Whether in response to something I’d read or because I’d had my own new idea.

I’m still in contact with a few of the people I ‘met’ through my first blog and while none of them still blog, we are facebook friends. I’d love to have met some of them, but know it probably won’t happen. I never imagined when I started this blog that I would become part of a community. That I would meet my fellow bloggers and make new friends along the way.

Writing for self or for others

For the first couple of years I was really writing for myself and about myself. I interacted with other bloggers, but only knew them through the blog. S got to know about the blog after a year or so, but wasn’t massively interested in it. He read it and liked what he read. But when things between us changed I didn’t really need to worry that he would be upset by what I wrote. In hindsight I could have been much more open and honest about our relationship. Instead I mainly wrote about the sex which happened infrequently. I didn’t write about the long periods of silence from him or the fact that I was struggling to work out what to do with my life.

When I met Master I told him about my blog and he began to read. He has never stopped reading. He often reads back to the beginning of our relationship and he always reads new posts and comments. Over time this has inevitably made me write for him as well as myself. Also it has meant I have censored myself from writing things that might cause him upset. I am also careful to protect elements of our relationship that he, I or we would rather others didn’t know.

The run up to my moving here to live with him was difficult as both our emotions ran high. But I didn’t write much about that. Looking back, it was probably tiredness as much as anything.

Writing a personal diary

I would say that my breast cancer diagnosis changed my writing and it’s purpose. It was easier to tell people I had come to know and respect online and in person through my blog. I wanted to express my feelings to myself and to Master in a way that I couldn’t verbalise. But also I knew that I might want to look back on those times afterwards.

At times I struggled with the thought that the purpose of this blog was to write about our relationship journey. About kink and sex. But with encouragement from fellow bloggers and of course Master I realised that I can write about anything that is important to me at a given time.

After all, this blog started as a personal account. It was a diary of sorts when my husband discovered my infidelity and later when I navigated the challenges of a poly relationship.

Writing for others

Many people have commented that my cancer journey blogs may help others. That is hopefully the case, but they were written more for myself. When I write for a meme prompt I usually do so because I have something to say on the topic. But sometimes I admit to writing because I want to participate. That is definitely true of new memes and also month long challenges such as the Blogging A-Z.

Recently when on holiday I realised that I had writing fatigue. So, I made a conscious decision not to blog. I worried that I was missing memes and that people would stop visiting. But I believe that you should not only write but read too. So finding myself without the time to read, I decided not to blog either. And I feel better and more energised for it.

Eroticon and Smut Marathon

Both Eroticon, the annual writers and bloggers conference and Smut Marathon the now annual writing competition have influenced my writing. Apart from individual blogs and websites, these are key external influences.

Eroticon provided me the opportunity to learn more about sex and erotic writing as well as meet like minded people. It has also made me see that my work is recognised and valued by others. Meeting fellow writers in person and having face to face conversations with them has spurred me to keep writing and posting.

Smut Marathon gave me the chance to push myself to write fiction, something I don’t find easy to do. The competition challenged me to emerge from the comfort zone of factual and opinion pieces. It also opened me up to criticism that I hadn’t experienced though blogging. I enjoyed participating but am not sure whether I would do so again. However, it did show that I can write fiction to a reasonable level. This is something I will challenge myself to do more of this autumn.

So in conclusion…

I write for me and for Master. I write for those who engage with me. But without the work of others to read and comment on there would be little for me to write about. I doubt I would have continued this blog if no one every visited or engaged with me. It would have lasted as long as my paper journals, usually half way through January.


13 thoughts on “Why I blog – to write and to read”

  1. I think you highlight two very important things. First, that in writing you start to read a lot more from other people. Initially that might be polite reciprocity for those that unexpectedly discovered you and then it’s genuine interest in the person or what they write about.

    The second thing is that it’s your blog, you write what is important to you at the time and that necessarily changes. I think that the blogs I tend to read the most do very much the same. There is a backstory to discover, the hinterland of the person behind good writing.

    I can appreciate that your Master reads back to the beginning, it really is a good way to understand some of the enormous changes we go through that seem like little steps at the time.


  2. Fantastic post Julie. Covering so much. I sometimes censor bits that I think may upset my Man. That would only be my writing from now which includes him, not tales about my past or other current events. I don’t know if this is wrong or right? Maybe we should have another totally secret blog 😉 xx

  3. I’m so pleased you feel a little energised after your break from writing, selfishly in a way because I’m hoping to see you pop up again more now because I do enjoy my visits to your blog 🙂 so it was lovely to see you in the link-up for #F4TFriday this week x

  4. Your comments on having to censor your words when it comes to your Master – not wanting to upset or offend him, wanting to keep your innermost relationship private, really resonates with me. I am finding it a difficult balancing act, myself- there are things I’d love to share and to talk about, but I’m conscious of my partner’s privacy and the fact that there are some elements of our relationship that just aren’t for public consumption, anonymous or not. So I find it comforting to know that others worry about the same things, and that withholding those private things isn’t a case of being evasive or disingenuous (as I sometimes worry I’m being). Thanks, Julie ?

  5. I think it’s an important point. I think we have a duty to be careful what we write, but have to balance that with wanting to share aspects of our lives. Also I don’t want to make out things here are perfect, all of the time. It really is a fine line isn’t it? Thanks for the comment.

  6. For me giving myself permission to write whatever I like and not sticking to just sex and kink has allowed me explore other topics. It an be easy to tell yourself you are not allowed to do that but actually as you say, it’s your blog and you can do whatever you like there


  7. It fascinates me to see where others start and the similarities in our paths. My first blogs were about life and evolving into my career. Now kink dominates my writing (when I write). I’ve always thought you were brave to share your cancer journey because it is so easy to keep it quiet especially as this is a place for your kink. Thank you for sharing

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