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This is my first (and hopefully last) summer with just one boob. The idea of going braless, let alone topless is pretty much a step too far at the moment. Even around the house, I feel weird without a bra. But in hot weather wearing a bra (or swimming costume) all of the time is a bit much.

Probably the best part of our time away was the boat holiday. We chose a route that had few locks since it was my first time. Also there were just the two of us on the boat. That also meant that for hours at a time we saw very few other boats and the people on them. This gave me the chance to leave my bra off for a while and then to take my dress off for this shot.

I love this, even though it isn’t a close up, because it shows the beauty of our surroundings and that no one else was around. I have a close up which I’ll show another time. I’m starting to feel more comfortable in my body again, but posting pictures of me topless is still challenging. However I know I was happy and relaxed that day and so I feel happy to share.

We are on a boat on the canal du rhone à Sete. I am at the back of the boat topless. I only have a left boob as I have has a mastectomy
Photo by Master
Sinful Sunday

22 thoughts on “Topless”

  1. I can imagine that it must be challenging. But this is an image of a lovely view with a beautiful woman in it.

    Well done you!

  2. This is a gorgeous image. I think it says a lot that you were comfortable to take it and also that you were brave enough to post it. I can understand your struggle with your body but please know that those lucky enough to view it, see you as beautiful ?

  3. Wow, the nature and surroundings look so beautiful. And they enhance your beauty! I can not even imagine how difficult it must be to feel comfortable in your body, but this picture is a very powerful step you have taken.

  4. This is an amazing picture for so many reasons, the beauty of your surroundings and the freeness you felt to be yourself but mostly because you just look so very happy.


    1. Thank you so much, your words mean so much. I really was so happy that day (still am) and am glad that shows through.

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