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Admiring the view

Our return journey from France has begun, we left the apartment on Tuesday. My ex is now enjoying the retreat I love so much. But our departure gives the opportunity to visit new places and make new memories.

We are now in Spain. Having crossed the pyrenees, staying both in the French and Spanish side, we are now in Navarre. After 4 days of travel we are spending the weekend in one place (more of that in my next post). This photo was taken at our hotel in Seu D’urgell. As you can see we had a wonderful view, one worth admiring.

I guess though that Master preferred his own view.

Sinful Sunday

16 thoughts on “Admiring the view”

  1. I love the delicate layers of nature through which we can admire the view, something like this always makes me want to paint. However your glorious body in the foreground, not that really IS inspirational. I am sure Degas or Le Trec would create a glorious painting worshipping your curves Julie.

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