It’s been a while

We arrived back in the UK last night for a few days to celebrate my mum’s 80th birthday. For the past week, we have been in a wifi free zone. Hence no blog posts, not even Sinful Sunday, which I rarely miss. I was also short on mobile data, and ended up topping that up. But other than updating on facebook (I love keeping my friends up to date with my travels) we have been out of contact. Master more than me, since he dropped his phone in a canal a few days ago.

So, this week has been spent on a small(fish) cabin cruiser. We travelled through a small part of the midi canal, across a large etang (lake) and then into the canal du rhone à sête. It was absolutely amazing, and I am now hooked on this kind of holiday. We were up and moving early each day, stopped for lunch along the canal and then moored up in a port or sometimes in more remote areas. On the boat, we ate simple, easy to prepare food and drank lovely wine. But we also found some great restaurants and enjoyed some amazing French cuisine.

We also rekindled our M/s a little. Master instilled a ‘no panty’ rule for the duration, which I happily followed. Admittedly I did wear shorts quite a bit of the time. But tended to change into a dress if we went off the boat for the evening. We also had some very good sex. After months of feeling a bit below par when it comes to libido, things seem to be looking up. I think it is the healthy, active lifestyle that agrees with me. It’s only one of the reasons I think I’d like to do more boating.

After a week on our own it is time to mix with family and friends as we get together over the next few days. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. My son will be there tomorrow and it is always a real treat to see him. Master is looking forward to picking up a new phone. I won’t go into the difficulties of doing so when you no longer have a handset for the company to text.

Then next week we return to France for a few days rest and recuperation before staring for home. We will be travelling up through northern Spain and then taking the Ferry from there. This is proving to be an amazing summer, one which I will remember always.

Our last night was spent beside the midi canal. We found a beautiful location.
One of the more touristy places – Marseillan
Fabulous wildlife along the route – white horse and egret!

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