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Another week of being mindful about my health and wellbeing has passed and I’m feeling more positive. I truly believe that to lose weight you have to be in the right frame of mind. I’m in it and I hope it lasts.


This week I have been reading about metabolism and how to improve it. I’m a woman in the second Half of her 50’s, going through a second. drug induced menopause. So it isn’t surprising my metabolism is sluggish. Two things from my reading struck me: eating more protein and moving more. I am trying to have some protein at each meal, it is better at keeping you feeling fuller longer and has less calories than carbohydrates. But this week I have focused on moving. Once I get stuck into a book, or reading blogs etc. hours can pass me by. Then when I rise from my chair I feel stiff. So I’ve been making sure I follow the Fitbit and do at least 250 steps each hour (preferably more).

End result – more steps! Thankfully the weather has improved so I’ve been able to get out walking. Plus a brilliant victory in the swimming pool – I managed 30 lengths in 30 minutes this week which is back up to where I was some years ago. I’m really enjoying this weekly exercise and am definitely keeping it up. I am also eyeing the gym upstairs from the pool and it is only a matter of time before I take myself up there. Motivated or what?

Diet and weight loss

I’ve eaten so much salad and vegetables I’ll soon turn green! Seriously I am eating salad most lunch times and lots of veg at dinner time. I am also trying to eat more slowly. The wine consumption has increased a bit and I need to scale it back down, especially at weekends. But I have stepped up the amount of water I drink. This week I lost another 1lb so that is 4lb in 3 weeks. While I’d like more it is consistency that is important.

Planning ahead

In just over 2 weeks we head off on our 6 week trip. I’m beginning to think about how I’ll stick to my eating plan and make sure I do enough exercise. For the first week we’ll be visiting new places and staying in hotels. So, there will be plenty to walking and hopefully enough restaurants in the towns we stay in to find healthy eating options. I will need to stay away from too much bread and cheese. Plus of course wine. I need to check to see if any of the hotels have a pool as it will be good to keep that particular exercise up. Once we arrive at the apartment there is a pool in our complex, but I’ll need to swim in the mornings before all the kids arrive.

All in all I’m feeling very good about this and definitely need to keep hold of this positivity.

4 thoughts on “Positivity”

  1. Since 2 days I am back on a LCHF diet and I am determined to keep it up now. What I do when we go to restaurants, is to eat only the meat/fish and veggies, and leave the fries and other carbs. Sometimes, I even ask them if I may have a salad instead of fries. Some restaurants when you ask that they don’t bring fries to the table, they even ask if you want a salad as a replacement. And, I know wine prevents weight loss, but I do allow myself wine in the weekend.

    You are doing well. The main thing, I think, is to be aware of what you eat and drink, and of course to move and not sit all day (which is something I need to change!).

    Rebel xox

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