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Role play

Steve was heavily into role play, (I wrote about it in this post). I enjoyed the thrill of it to begin with but after a while it got a bit wearing. He had a vivid imagination and came up with fabulous scenarios. For example, I was a housewife who had called someone in to repair my heating (useful as that was his job). Or I was a religious woman who knocked on his door trying to sell him religion. Another time I just happened to be in the café at the airport waiting for a pickup. I could go on.

I had no problems with the getting dressed up and going to the rendezvous, but struggled to make up my own script. Often of course we were at his place, and things quickly descended to a good spanking and then sex. It was a phase that I am glad to be out of, but I wonder if he still conducts his relationships in that way. Or was it just with me?

Thankfully role play isn’t Master’s thing. We play ourselves in our life whether in the playroom, bedroom out in the street or whatever. We don’t need to adopt a different role since we enjoy the ones we own.

During play and sex we do become more overtly Master and slave, but I don’t think we are taking on different roles at all. It is just we explore our feelings for each other by using more sexualised language. We both find this to be a turn on.

Having said that, we do dress differently on some occasions to be Master and slave. Yesterday is an example. We went to a play event a the venue that hosts the CMnf. This time I wore a leather corset and spanking skirt and he the requisite suit and bow tie. Some women were naked, others wore fetish wear and a few pretty regular day dresses. I don’t believe either of us adopted a role but instead played ourselves in clothes that extenuated or positions. Him as the dominance and me as His slave. These days, that’s as far as I want to go in role play.


5 thoughts on “Role play”

  1. I’ve been humming and hawing about this prompt as like you the concept of roleplay has become less enjoyable over the years.

    Sometimes the roles are simply who we are and not something frivolous to play with.

    melody x

  2. Selling religion? I do love the thought of that after having closed a few doors in my time to one or two late callers! Maybe I missed an opportunity!! Lovely post.

  3. I would agree that if Master slave is part of your dynamic then that is just who you are and not really a role.It is like saying you are playing Dom and sub or Daddy and little etc. I think where it becomes part of who you are it is different than simply a Master slave roleplay or an age roleplay. We do enjoy roleplay but use it to explore things we wouldn’t be able to (or want to) usually by using imagination as part of that. Having said that it always has to be a role that I can identify with or else I feel too silly and crash and burn. Thanks for sharing your own experience.

  4. I agree, Julie, that being yourselves in your relationship roles, whatever they may be, is the best. We did some roleplay on a little mini vacation we took a few weeks back. Overall we had a lot of fun however, our best time and deepest connection were when we were ourselves … dominant and submissive … nj

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