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Room 101

I have to admit that I haven’t read 1984 by George Orwell. But I do know that room 101 is the place where your greatest fear resides. I have though watched the TV programme of the same name and on that people banish things they really hate or fear.

My general fears

As I’ve got older I fear fewer every day things. There is nothing like going through experiences to make you face your fears – having a baby, losing a parent, getting cancer. Done those, got the T-shirt. Of course they were never things that filled my waking hours until I knew they were going to happen. But still they were fears all the same.

After my son was born and began to grow I had a fear that something would happen to him and I would be left childless again. This fear hasn’t really gone away, but now he is an adult I worry less. I fear me or Master developing a life limiting condition, particularly something neurological. Certainly, I fear cancer less than M.S or motor neurone disease from which my brother in law recently died. I worry too about dementia, especially that period of time when you have insight into what is happening. My nursing knowledge certainly doesn’t help allay my fears.

Sexual fears

I’m not even sure I have many real sexual fears any more. We have done so many things. I feared public play and taking my clothes off in public, but I’ve done both now.

I’m not overly keen on dildos being inserted inside my vagina, that’s because I had a weird experience with one a few years ago – I think it was the material the dildo was made of. I do have a fear of fisting, partly because I have a weird shaped vagina and don’t like it being overly stretched. Both things are likely connected.

Room 101

I don’t have anything specific to put into room 101 right now. There was a time when it would have been my ex, but relations with him have improved this past year. Plus he doesn’t keep bothering me like he used to.

I guess for me the thing I hate the most is people who judge others because they don’t act the way they want them to. Or because they believe there is only one way of doing things and we should all follow. Many politicians fit this category along with people in the D/s community who decide who fits and who doesn’t. People who judge on the basis of colour, sexuality, gender etc. Without all of those people the world would be a happier, safer and more enjoyable place.


8 thoughts on “F4TF – Room 101”

  1. Great post Julie – We both chose dementia and regarding your last bit – I so agree on that too. I think when people judge others because they are not behaving as they want them to it is because those judging are scared – people don’t like things that are different – viewpoints etc. xx

  2. YES!! Send the judgey-pants people to Room 101 for sure! As I get older I am become less and less tolerant of people who are judgemental and bigoted. I have no time for their small minds and their ignorance, especially when they aren’t willing to even listen to alternative ideas. Thank you for joining Myself and May for our first week of F4TFriday, here’s hoping our future questions inspire you too.

    Floss x

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