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Lingerie Is For Everyone is probably the only meme I haven’t yet taken part in. Hosted by Violet Faukes Lingerie Is For Everyone is body positive, inclusive and also a great place to see beautiful bodies and fabulous lingerie.

But I have been hesitant to take part. I have a drawer full of lingerie that I rarely wear. Well I can put on most of the knickers, though some are currently a little tight. But I’m unable to wear any of my pre- mastectomy bras.

For the first few months post mastectomy I wore bras for comfort. So underwired ones were out. I also needed to go up a couple of sizes. It turns out I had a larger back size and smaller cup than I knew.

Finally though I’ve begun to source bras that not only feel comfortable but look good too. This is one of them and I have it in white too. I’m planning further purchases and maybe some matching knickers. It’s take time for me to begin to feel happy with my body again and sharing this photo is part of that process. Because, lingerie really is for everyone who wants to wear it.

Lingerie is for everyone

8 thoughts on “Lingerie for me”

  1. “It’s take time for me to begin to feel happy with my body again” – such a significant statement, the next step on your journey, closely followed by feeling comfortable enough to share images with others. Well done Julie for reaching this point. That’s a beautiful bra, definitely get the matching knickers it really enhances your figure. I’m starting to go wireless, they are more comfortable for sure. (& welcome to the meme!)

  2. Really so happy to see you join in this week and I’m completely with you on wirefree – life is too short to get poked and prodded any more than we already do. That bra is very pretty and I LOVE getting the same comfy item in multiple colours!

    1. Thanks Violet, I’m glad I have joined in too. Thank you for the compliments about the bra, I definitely need more colours!

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