Review – The kinky suite Amsterdam

Last week we stayed at another self contained kinky room / suite / apartment. (See here and here for our previous encounters). It occured to me that it would be useful for me and others if I posted a review of places like this as we visit. I’m pretty sure we will visit others, plus if there’s interest I will devote a page so I can build up a resource.

Venue and Location

This little apartment is pretty much in the middle of the red light district. It is almost next door to one of the ‘coffee houses’, if that’s your thing. Plus there are bars, restaurants and sex shops near by. Arrival can be by taxi, or a 10 minute walk from Central station but there is no parking (as is usual in Amsterdam).

The Lay out

The Kinky Suite is on 3 levels, though you have to go upstairs to the first level. The kitchen is well laid out and is well appointed. Coffee and tea is provided and there is a huge fridge and a microwave and coffee machine. The supermarket is just around the corner for supplies. Next to the kitsch is the living area which has ample seating and TV with loads of music and films. Plus a corner area, where a slave could kneel for punishment.

On the second level is the bedroom and bathroom. The bed is a huge 4 poster with a cage underneath, plus benches to lean over, areas to be restrained in. Essentially the sky is almost the limit. Floggers and other impact toys are provided but if you need anything else, you’ll need to bring it with you.

The bathroom contains a huge jacuzzi bath as well as shower. The toilet is separate.

Upstairs again is a tiny room. This is described as the mirror room, essentially it contains a sex swing over a large bed and mirrors.

Our impressions of The Kinky Suite

This was by far the most spacious kinky place we have stayed in, partly because of it being on 3 levels. We particularly liked the bed which was large and comfy, the swing and mirrors. I especially loved having sex while looking at us from a number of angles, now that was hot. We also enjoyed the jacuzzi, we went to Lush and bought some bath bombs and used the bath twice.

I often struggle to relax when I first arrive in these places, especially if we have had a busy time already that day. This was no exception, so kicking off with a bath was an excellent start. Also Amsterdam is a fantastic city so it is difficult to fit in kink and time to explore, eat and drink. So, next time (and there will be a next time) we will stay for 2 nights.

Corner area in the living room.

Master reckons the cost is similar to staying in one of the more up market central city hotels. It isn’t a cheap option but it feels like a good one for this city. The amenities in the apartment would lend themselves for some self catering and I think that’s what we’ll do next time.

Any downsides?

The stairs are pretty steep, so care is needed and it might not suit anyone with mobility problems. The bath is huge and takes ages to fill, but there is plenty of hot water. The shower was less good, so we both used the shower in the bath next morning.

The location is great for exploring and being in the centre of things. But it also makes it noisy with late night revellers and dust carts in the early morning. But maybe the first priority is not sleep?

The key thing though is to allow enough time for play and that’s something we didn’t really do this time.

Fit for Friday #8

I should be up to week 21 or something but for me this is the 8th post. I guess though that doesn’t matter.


On Wednesday we returned from 6 days travelling to Holland, via France and Belgium. We mostly stayed in hotels which was a challenge for the diet (more of that below). But there was plenty of opportunity for walking. In fact, my legs still ache! Last week’s step count was up from 61,000 to 66,000 and this week will be even better. My best day last week was 12,517 on Saturday when we visited a beautiful town for a music festival. This increase has prompted me to increase my Fitbit daily target from 9,000 to 10,000. I plan to keep up this level of walking where possible. I haven’t been swimming this week for obvious reasons but might try twice next week.

Food intake

I have recorded my meals religiously over the past 2 weeks, but while away recording exact portions was challenging. I also know that some snacks and drinks went unrecorded. So my plan this week is to be more accurate. I also need to look at portion sizes a bit more than I am used to. I am determined to lose some weight so this week am going to drastically reduce my alcohol intake.


Not surprisingly I put on a couple of pounds while away on holiday. But am focused on losing that over the next week. We have 5 weeks till we go away again and ideally I’d like to lose a stone in weight by then. Let’s see if this resolution is better kept than the last 25! I feel positive though and positivity brings results!


All is good on the health front. I have a scan this coming week as part of the preparation for my breast reconstruction. More about that next week.

I took the decision yesterday not to go back to work just now. while I like the idea of working again, the job being offered was, I fear going to lead to stress but not fulfilment. It was below my previous pay scale, and they were just a little over keen on having me. The crunch came when I was asked to go to a 9am interview this morning. I decided no thanks. So for now, I remain a lady of leisure.