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When I was thinking about writing this post, I told myself that I and we don’t do rituals. But of course, life is full of them. I have fewer now that I’m not working, but I am a creature of habit and tend to do things in the same way a lot of the time. For example I tend to shower in the same way, washing my hair first, applying conditioner and then leaving it on till I’ve washed. I always put my contact lenses in before cleaning my teeth but that has a lot to do with not wanting tooth paste in my eyes. Master has a similar routine, though his has more things involved and takes longer. If I’m in a hurry I always jump in the shower before him.

When it comes to life in general though, we don’t tend to go in for many rituals. We have a few rules that could be described as rituals, for example wearing a butt plug on set days. Sex and play contains the rituals of me describing myself in the third person, him calling me this girl, slut or whatever. I always ask for an orgasm, it’s a rule but a ritual too.

Master is much more structured in the way he does things in general than I am. He has suffered from OCD and has told me how he went through phases of having to check things multiple times. For him, rituals have often been no joke. Thankfully at the moment there is little sign of that at the moment, save for occasionally asking me if he locked the house or car door.

Now the structure of work is gone and we are free to do as we want when we want, we have been able to leave many rituals behind us. Things you have to do at certain times to make a company function. The need to get the same train to work, to walk the same route from the station, take lunch at the same time etc.
So, while some rituals are part of routine life and others are in place because we choose them I am happy to say that we keep our ritualised life to a minimum. We like spontaneity too.

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2 thoughts on “Rituals”

  1. Spontaneity definitely is a good thing, but I do like my rituals too, even though I don’t see many things I do every day as a ritual, but just as a way of doing it 🙂

    Rebel xox

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