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I am restrained on a swing. ankles and wrists secured by cuffs to chains attached to the ceiling. My image is reflected by the mirror above.

The play area at Stoxx wasn’t short of mirrors. So there was no shortage of ways for our image to be reflected. This is me, restrained and suspended in the swing. Reflected for Master to enjoy.

Sinful Sunday


19 thoughts on “Reflected”

  1. I always love a clever reflection and this is awesome! The bright colours and distortion highlight the heady atmosphere really well, looks a LOT of fun! x

  2. Wow Julie! I was marvelling at the line-up of toys. Cool place for some ‘game playing’ and great image.

    1. Thanks Posy, It was an amazing place and yes there were a mind boggling number of toys available. It’s a shame we only had one night there!

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