Review – The kinky suite Amsterdam

Last week we stayed at another self contained kinky room / suite / apartment. (See here and here for our previous encounters). It occured to me that it would be useful for me and others if I posted a review of places like this as we visit. I’m pretty sure we will visit others, plus if there’s interest I will devote a page so I can build up a resource.

Venue and Location

This little apartment is pretty much in the middle of the red light district. It is almost next door to one of the ‘coffee houses’, if that’s your thing. Plus there are bars, restaurants and sex shops near by. Arrival can be by taxi, or a 10 minute walk from Central station but there is no parking (as is usual in Amsterdam).

The Lay out

The Kinky Suite is on 3 levels, though you have to go upstairs to the first level. The kitchen is well laid out and is well appointed. Coffee and tea is provided and there is a huge fridge and a microwave and coffee machine. The supermarket is just around the corner for supplies. Next to the kitsch is the living area which has ample seating and TV with loads of music and films. Plus a corner area, where a slave could kneel for punishment.

On the second level is the bedroom and bathroom. The bed is a huge 4 poster with a cage underneath, plus benches to lean over, areas to be restrained in. Essentially the sky is almost the limit. Floggers and other impact toys are provided but if you need anything else, you’ll need to bring it with you.

The bathroom contains a huge jacuzzi bath as well as shower. The toilet is separate.

Upstairs again is a tiny room. This is described as the mirror room, essentially it contains a sex swing over a large bed and mirrors.

Our impressions of The Kinky Suite

This was by far the most spacious kinky place we have stayed in, partly because of it being on 3 levels. We particularly liked the bed which was large and comfy, the swing and mirrors. I especially loved having sex while looking at us from a number of angles, now that was hot. We also enjoyed the jacuzzi, we went to Lush and bought some bath bombs and used the bath twice.

I often struggle to relax when I first arrive in these places, especially if we have had a busy time already that day. This was no exception, so kicking off with a bath was an excellent start. Also Amsterdam is a fantastic city so it is difficult to fit in kink and time to explore, eat and drink. So, next time (and there will be a next time) we will stay for 2 nights.

Corner area in the living room.

Master reckons the cost is similar to staying in one of the more up market central city hotels. It isn’t a cheap option but it feels like a good one for this city. The amenities in the apartment would lend themselves for some self catering and I think that’s what we’ll do next time.

Any downsides?

The stairs are pretty steep, so care is needed and it might not suit anyone with mobility problems. The bath is huge and takes ages to fill, but there is plenty of hot water. The shower was less good, so we both used the shower in the bath next morning.

The location is great for exploring and being in the centre of things. But it also makes it noisy with late night revellers and dust carts in the early morning. But maybe the first priority is not sleep?

The key thing though is to allow enough time for play and that’s something we didn’t really do this time.

Fit for Friday #8

I should be up to week 21 or something but for me this is the 8th post. I guess though that doesn’t matter.


On Wednesday we returned from 6 days travelling to Holland, via France and Belgium. We mostly stayed in hotels which was a challenge for the diet (more of that below). But there was plenty of opportunity for walking. In fact, my legs still ache! Last week’s step count was up from 61,000 to 66,000 and this week will be even better. My best day last week was 12,517 on Saturday when we visited a beautiful town for a music festival. This increase has prompted me to increase my Fitbit daily target from 9,000 to 10,000. I plan to keep up this level of walking where possible. I haven’t been swimming this week for obvious reasons but might try twice next week.

Food intake

I have recorded my meals religiously over the past 2 weeks, but while away recording exact portions was challenging. I also know that some snacks and drinks went unrecorded. So my plan this week is to be more accurate. I also need to look at portion sizes a bit more than I am used to. I am determined to lose some weight so this week am going to drastically reduce my alcohol intake.


Not surprisingly I put on a couple of pounds while away on holiday. But am focused on losing that over the next week. We have 5 weeks till we go away again and ideally I’d like to lose a stone in weight by then. Let’s see if this resolution is better kept than the last 25! I feel positive though and positivity brings results!


All is good on the health front. I have a scan this coming week as part of the preparation for my breast reconstruction. More about that next week.

I took the decision yesterday not to go back to work just now. while I like the idea of working again, the job being offered was, I fear going to lead to stress but not fulfilment. It was below my previous pay scale, and they were just a little over keen on having me. The crunch came when I was asked to go to a 9am interview this morning. I decided no thanks. So for now, I remain a lady of leisure.

Landmarks in my blogging history

This week’s Food For Thought Friday is about Landmarks. It is also a landmark occasion because this is the last theme that the wonderful Kilted Wookie will host, because he is handing the baton to May and Floss. I have participated in F4TF 22 times, plus another twice during it’s previous incarnation. Then, it was one of the first memes I ever took part in. I have enjoyed participating and will continue to do so.

So, onto my landmarks.

My first blog

I started my first blog on about 15 years ago (at a guess). Later I switched it to blogger (I’m not entirely sure why). It was about my work and home life and through it I met other nurses and people involved in healthcare across the world. It led to me moderating a forum and then when the platform was sold to me receiving a rather nice gift. An early iPod. I could have had an iPhone, but they weren’t yet available in the UK.

When I decided to start a sex / relationship blog, I deleted it. I was fearful of the two being linked. It really is one of my biggest regrets as I was proud of much of the content. If I ever started this blogging lark again, I would make sure I kept the content.

My first post on World of Joolz

In April 2012 I had just embarked on my BDSM journey. I decided to start a blog about it. Because I was beginning a long distance relationship, I soon discovered that content came in fits and starts. So I began to look for memes. This started with things like 30 days of me, 30 days of submission etc. These have proved to be an interesting way of expressing my thoughts and understanding of topics. They are also good to go back to and revisit. Now that my journey is 7 years long, there is plenty of material to do that with. This is a link to my Questions and answers posts, and includes the current one – 30 days of D/s.

Joining the sex blogging community

My experience of my nursing blog told me that visiting other people’s blogs was a great way of getting them to come and visit you. But if you don’t tell them you have been and enjoyed their content, then they only see a number of their stats. when I started World of Joolz I had little knowledge of BDSM and D/s lifestyles, but by visiting blogs I discovered a whole world of experience. My visitor numbers were always modest, but at least people came and left their own mark. In the main supportive and encouraging rather than mean and judgmental, something I had encountered previously.

But it was probably by joining Twitter in January 2016 that I found a community of people I could really get to know. Partly because more of that group are based here in the UK and some of them live pretty close by. But also that encouraged me to participate in other memes and ultimately to attend Eroticon.


Over the past 18 months or so I have noticed a large increase in my blog statistics. Something I put down to participation in the Smut Marathon and attendance at Eroticon. I moved to self hosting in 2017 though had actually bought the site two years before hand. All of the original posts from 2012 onwards are also on the site and some of them still attract a reasonable number of page views. The average views per day have increased in that time from 60-70 to around 200. This might be small numbers to many blogging colleagues but it feels significant to me. It makes it difficult to stick to my original purpose of writing for myself.

In 2015 I wrote more words than in any other year, 105,000 in 286 posts. However I may well beat that number this year, as I am currently up to 51,000 in 130 posts. That shows I still have something to say, since I rarely if ever write for the sake of it.

Landmarks for the future

This is the longest I have written consistently in any format. I love writing my blog and for Master and I it is an important part of our communication processes. This is a place where I can write anything, though I know I do censor the things I write. I guess that everyone does. Perhaps this is an area I need to consider.

I will continue to write for as long as I have something to say and right now I have no plans to stop. I would like to write more fiction, but my head hasn’t been in the right space for that recently. I would also like to explore writing opinion pieces that require research.

There have been a number of landmarks for my blog, and hopefully there will be lots more to come.

Food for Thought Friday Badge - Landmarks

Laughter and joy

There were times in my life when laughter didn’t come easily. I spent more time alone than I would care to and socialised less that I’d like. Times when words were spoken in resignation and anger than joy. Those days are thankfully past. Even if Master and I are having an off day, if we bicker or exchange hurtful words, I am secure in my relationship. I am happy and am able to laugh.

We find so much amuses us every day. Whether it’s something we have done, or forgotten to do. Or else an observation of something that amuses us. We laugh a lot, and if we have others to laugh with, then all the better. 

At the weekend we had the pleasure of spending time with @RebelsNotes and @MasterT. We met for drinks and followed up with dinner. It gave us the opportunity to get to know each other much better than is possible at an event like Eroticon. There was no shortage of happy conversation and much laughter.

The opportunity to make new friends is a rare thing for us. We do many things together as a couple, but often just the two of us. When we are in a group, say at a munch or event then discussion is often generalised and impersonal. But this was different, I was able to relax and get to know them and I hope the same was true for them. A particular moment of laughter came when I realised that I didn’t know which French port I had arrived in Europe to. A little embarrassing, but funny all the same. The fact that I was willing to laugh at myself with them was a sign I was relaxed in their company.

The four of us enjoyed a Japanese meal together and were able to try the different dishes together and to share. It was a most enjoyable and happy experience and a real highlight of our trip. I hope very much we can do it again sometime.

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

Live in the light

To love life is to live in the light.” 
― Lailah Gifty Akita

I am standing below a beautiful chandilier looking into a mirror. My face is obscured by the light and I am naked.

We are spending the weekend in a beautiful hotel in The Netherlands. Our room gives an opportunity for rest, relaxation and calmness. It also provides the perfect setting for self photograph.

Sinful Sunday

Photographs of me

I am kneeling on the bed my ankles in a spreader bar. There is a clamp attached to my labia. My wrists are cuffed.
A photo from 2014, only recently shown on the blog

It’s been a while since I participated in Food For thought Friday. But this topic caught my eye and so having just written my Wicked Wednesday post, as I cross the English Channel on a ferry, I seem to be on a roll!

Before the internet

The first photos of me wearing little or nothing (other than on the beach, but somehow that’s different) were taken about 15 years ago. I’d got chatting online to a man who lived in Scotland. There was little chance of us meeting up, but we partook in some phone sex. He sent photos of himself to me and I did the same. There was a certain thrill in sending a naked photo of myself in the shower to a semi stranger. It never occurred to me that they might be shared further or could end up on the internet. Thankfully he is a trustworthy guy that I am still in touch with, though in a completely vanilla way these days.

Getting involved in the internet era

Until the advent of cameras with phones and the ability to share photos digitally I had never taken a naked photo of myself. Nor had anyone else taken one of me. The major issue (if I’d even thought of doing it) was that you had to send photos off to be developed. Or else take them to a shop. The idea of collecting photos that people might considered risky never entered my head.

It wasn’t really until I met Master that I posted photos of myself on my blog. There had been the odd one or two, but I made sure I was unrecognisable. Most of the photos I used at the time were of other people, often taken from Tumblr blogs. S took a few photos of me when we were together, and I think I posted one or two of them. Indeed I don’t actually have many more of myself from that time.

A new age

From the beginning of this relationship though, Master photographed me naked or wearing various leather harnesses. He also took photos of me during play and still does. Then once I joined Sinful Sunday and then February Photofest I also began to take more images of myself. These have usually been with my mobile, but on occasion with my digital camera and tripod.

For a long time I made sure my face was hidden or distorted in some way. But more recently, since work and potentially losing my career became less of an issue I have become much more brazen. There are images I would hesitate to show and do. These are photos of my vulval area. Though I have done so on occasion.

I don’t really fear people I know finding my blog and exposing me. The only people who I want to protect now are my son and close family. But I think the chance of one of them discovering pictures of me online are slim. If it happened, I’d have to deal with the embarrassment but I don’t have a reputation or career to lose. That doesn’t mean I’m not careful, because I am. But this blog and others in this genre are relatively niche. So I feel it is worth the risk. Plus I Iike sharing my images with you all.


When I was thinking about writing this post, I told myself that I and we don’t do rituals. But of course, life is full of them. I have fewer now that I’m not working, but I am a creature of habit and tend to do things in the same way a lot of the time. For example I tend to shower in the same way, washing my hair first, applying conditioner and then leaving it on till I’ve washed. I always put my contact lenses in before cleaning my teeth but that has a lot to do with not wanting tooth paste in my eyes. Master has a similar routine, though his has more things involved and takes longer. If I’m in a hurry I always jump in the shower before him.

When it comes to life in general though, we don’t tend to go in for many rituals. We have a few rules that could be described as rituals, for example wearing a butt plug on set days. Sex and play contains the rituals of me describing myself in the third person, him calling me this girl, slut or whatever. I always ask for an orgasm, it’s a rule but a ritual too.

Master is much more structured in the way he does things in general than I am. He has suffered from OCD and has told me how he went through phases of having to check things multiple times. For him, rituals have often been no joke. Thankfully at the moment there is little sign of that at the moment, save for occasionally asking me if he locked the house or car door.

Now the structure of work is gone and we are free to do as we want when we want, we have been able to leave many rituals behind us. Things you have to do at certain times to make a company function. The need to get the same train to work, to walk the same route from the station, take lunch at the same time etc.
So, while some rituals are part of routine life and others are in place because we choose them I am happy to say that we keep our ritualised life to a minimum. We like spontaneity too.

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

Fit for Friday on Tuesday

Having stated on the blog that I planned to join in with Fondle’s weekly fitness updates I have completely failed to do so. I have also put back on all of the weight I lost in January. But since I am not to be beaten and since I have a health and fitness update, here I am with Fit for Friday on Tuesday.

Post mastectomy update

Now that everything is well healed and I am over the radiotherapy side effects it is time to look ahead. Yesterday I was the plastic surgery team about a reconstruction of my right breast. There are two choices, an implant that is gradually inflated or a surgical reconstruction. For this, they use the person’s own skin and fat to create a new breast. Luckily I have plenty of abdominal fat and skin so that is where they can take it from. I’m pretty sure that I could have had the operation this summer, but we have other plans. Plus I really want to give my body a good year of recovery.

I also need to lose some weight. This is more about being as fit and healthy as possible for surgery. So I now (as if I didn’t already) have a reason to get on with losing weight. I know I am lucky to be living here in the UK as this operation will be provided on the NHS, I don’t have to pay. It will be done in London, which is less convenient for Master, but we’ve already begun to think about him staying in a hotel while I am in hospital.

Weight loss

Ideally I’d like to lose 2 stone (28lb), this is weight I’ve lost before so I know I can do it. I am pretty sure the tablets I take to stop oestrogen production are interfering in my body’s ability to lose weight. But I’m not going to use that as an excuse as I know plenty of people in my position have lost weight.

I love my Slimming World group, but attending has become more of a social event than it should be. For some reason I struggle with motivation. So I have signed up for a 12 week online programme with Noom. For the last week I have recorded (most) of my food and drink intake plus it is connected to my Fitbit. After a week I have lost no weight, but am not going to lose motivation. Ifeel I have leaned a lot about my eating habits. Now, though it is time to make the necessary changes.


I have made a concerted effort this past week to increase my exersise levels. Today and last Tuesday I walked to the swimming pool and swam for 30 minutes last week and 40 today. I am keen to improve the range of movement in my right arm and swimming is good for that. On top of that we walked a lot while in Oxford last week (though I know I drank too much too) and we have made the effort to walk more when we are at home. Last week my step count was up to just over 60k and I plan to gradually increase that more.

On Thursday we are off on a road trip of The Netherlands (via Lille in France) and plan to walk as much as possible when we aren’t driving. I will also try to be much more mindful of my food and alcohol intake than I often am when away.

So, that is my update. I plan to write more Fit for Friday posts in the coming weeks. Who knows some of them might even be on a Friday.

Introducing D/s into a vanilla relationship

This is something that I never did. When I started to read about Dominance and submission the one thing I knew deep down was that I didn’t want to try such a thing with my then husband. There are a number of reasons for this.

The relationship has run it’s course

We had been married for nearly 30 years when I strayed. The relationship had limped along for years, more a friendship than a love affair. Of course, it is inevitable that a long-lasting relationship will lack that first flush of passion. Ours involved very little sex by the end, but it was more fundamental than that. I actually began to dislike being together, living in the same house. The little irritations that had been there all along started to play on my mind and feel much bigger than they probably were.

When I began to look for more excitement in my sex life and for a different type of relationship I knew that he wouldn’t be able to give me what I wanted, no matter how hard we tried.

He is not able to be dominant and I don’t want to be

I’m as sure as I can be that my husband would have been amenable to trying D/s. But he really isn’t able to be dominant all of the time. No doubt I could have switched with him, but the more I discovered about D/s the more I knew that would never work. I craved someone who would not only take me in hand in the bedroom, but who would carry it through.

The benefit of time and a good M/s relationship has proved me right

Looking at my life now and the interactions I still have with my ex show me that I am right. Also my observation of his current relationship is that my ex’s new partner is the more dominant one. She has picked up where I left off and provides the guiding hand that I became so tired of providing.

I know that I need the dominance of my Master. I need him to provide me with structure and control. I need the sex life we have, one which is kinky and exciting. I want and need the play that he plans and controls.

I know that many people have moved from a long standing vanilla relationship into a D/s one. I know that the change has saved a number of relationships. But I am sure that it would have been a disaster for me and may have prevented me from finding the happiness I now have.

Loving BDSM 30 Days of D/s

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