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Zeal is defined as: great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or objective.

If you read my first few posts my excitement and enthusiasm for the future was palpable. I didn’t know what would happen, whether my foray into the unknown would be a short lived thing. But I embraced the experiences and wrote about them in this blog. It would be impossible to write for 7 years without some zeal and I tend to approach most projects with the same enthusiasm. But this can be tiring and can’t be sustained over a long period. So many times over the years my words have dried up and I have questioned the blog’s purpose. I’m sure that will continue to occur from time to time.


In the past I was always heading in some kind of direction, there were goals to achieve, decisions to be made. Things are different now. This blog has become a record of the here and now, it’s a place to write my thoughts and feelings and post photos of those experiences.

My breast cancer experience gave me a new reason for writing. I was angry and scared. Writing about what was happening helped me process and articulate my thoughts. As always it has also produced a lasting memory. The next part of that journey will be my breast reconstruction, which I intend to write about in depth. And Zeal will be required to see it through to a conclusion, since it requires major surgery.


I still try to write for myself, but know that others read what I have to say. I participate in memes, mainly to help with inspiration. But also because I want to take part, to join in. Of course this could lead to a loss of focus on the main purpose of the blog (if there was one), or the quality of what is published. I hope that isn’t the case.

My main reader is Master. He still looks back at old posts as well as reading the new. He and I have many discussions about my blog content, which I think is healthy. Otherwise my readership is growing and I love that is happening. I guess it gives me permission to branch out into topics that people would like me to write about.

Zealous to the end

This has been my 4th year of participating in the A to Z of blogging. As always I started with zeal and even planned ahead. I think my choice of using the 7 years of material on the blog was a good one. But I underestimated the work involved in finding the right links for each post. It involved reading an awful lot of old posts, some of which I would rather have left alone. However, it is done and there is really only one post (UVW), a 3 in one post, that I’m not happy with. Time, the fact I have written about topics before and a small amount of apathy, played a part. But I have made it to Z with zeal.

I am not sure there will be a 5th year though. I think I have run out of energy for this one.

8 thoughts on “Zeal”

  1. I enjoyed your posts this month, Julie. 🙂

    I think you did a great job with your theme. Having a blog as a running record of sorts means having concrete things to look back on, which is great on one hand… But on the other, I can totally see how it would/could be difficult, from both a time-consumption standpoint as well as a “Wish I wouldn’t have” (as you say) point of view.

    Whether you do this again next year or not, you did it this year! All the way through. YAY! 🙂

  2. But you made it this year and that’s all that matters at the moment.
    Well, that and the fact that you did it well… that matters, too. (But it was already in the bag.)
    Good job!

  3. You made it to the end and that’s commendable. You picked a good topic though, looking back at old posts, even if some of it was material you didn’t want to read. I’ve enjoyed reading your stuff also. It’s honest and that’s important

  4. Four years, though?! That’s a massive achievement. I might have one more year in me (bad boys maybe? lol), but then I think that will be it for me. Congrats on completing the challenge and sorry it’s taken me so long to get round to doing my reading!

    1. I have found that I repeat myself however I theme it. I loved your little stories and look forward to another year with those bad boys!

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