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I put a request out on Twitter for questions for the A to Z blogging prompt Q. The one question received was from @May_Matters

Her question was: Who was your first crush?

When I was about 13 I fell in love with a boy from the 6th form at school. He looked something like Bryan Ferry and was tall, dark and in my mind very handsome. I don’t believe he ever knew I existed.

My friend Wendy fancied his mate. She also knew where he lived (just around the corner from her). We spent weekends and an entire summer holiday walking past his house and generally stalking him. At school we joined extracurricular events we wouldn’t otherwise have bothered with, because Steve and Pete were running them or part of the crew. Unfortunately many of the competitions etc. were run on a house basis and neither of us were in their houses. This made so much school activity something of a waste. But we were able to get good seats for house competitions we weren’t part of that meant we could watch them.

Looking back this behaviour was mighty weird and just a little sinister. But I don’t think we ever got in the way to the extent we might have. We did however make up stories involving our prey. Stories where we were already their girlfriends. It’s all very odd really.

This was the first time I remember being aroused in any way (I guess I was a late starter) apart from when I tried my hand at flirting with a farmer on a family holiday. Thankfully he was old and wise enough to humour me without ever leading me into any danger.

The following year spent a few months getting to know my next door neighbour rather well. This involved meetings at the back of our houses, lots of chat, some snogging and a bit of groping. That was fun, but a more solo activity. While still friends, Wendy and I never went in for joint stalking activities again. Though she did go out with one of my cousins for a while.

I don’t know what became of Steve. He went to University and by the time he returned I was busy elsewhere and was never tempted to walk past his parents house on the off chance of seeing him.

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  1. Oh u liked the older boy – they may have just seen u both as a couple of kids – making up stories about them was quiet normal I would think – and the stalking – u were not doing it in a sinister way – u were 13! x

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