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For most of my adult life I believed it was wrong to own or be owned by another person. I still do believe it is wrong if the person being owned is kept against their will and without explicit consent. But I don’t believe being owned by another is wrong. It is a fact of D/s life. A fact of my life

Very early in our relationship Master, within the first month, laid claim to my orgasms. This meant that I had to ask to be allowed to orgasm and thank him for the privilege. I still do

Next he told me all of my body belonged to him. My breasts were his, as was my cunt and arse. It made me feel warm inside and highly aroused when he told me that he owned my body. Long before he told me he loved me he told me I was his and was precious. It meant I felt loved even before he had uttered the words.

Within months it was clear that being owned by Master and being his possession was very important to me. I craved his control, especially when we were apart.

The first symbols of ownership were the piercings (described yesterday). Next Master presented me with a thick chained bracelet and finally in the summer of 2015 a titanium collar. This it the clearest symbol of his ownership of me and is clearly recognisable to other members of the BDSM community.

Being owned by Master hasn’t changed who I am. But it has changed the way I behave around him and others. One of the rules I agreed to was that I would be mindful of how my actions affected him and others. In the main, I stick to this rule and try to think about what he would think about what I am doing and how he would interpret my actions. Being the property of someone else makes me feel safe and secure. It means I know he has the final word. But I also know this is something I have consented to, and that is important too.

4 thoughts on “Owned”

  1. I think about this a lot. How knowing I’m owned changes how I feel as a whole. Makes me a little more submissive. You’ve reflected so many of my feelings on the matter.

  2. I agree…it makes me more mindful of my actions as a representation of Him. And when I get down on myself or my body, I have to remind myself that I’m getting down on his choice of possession. That changes my perspective a bit.

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