I have a massive love hate relationship with mirrors. On the one hand they show me things about myself I would rather not see. The way my face is aging, where wrinkle show and hairs grow from my post menopausal face. They show me that my body bulges in places I would rather it didn’t and that my clothes fit less well than I would like. But mirrors are also a wonderful way of showing you things you wouldn’t other wise be able to. Hidden parts of your body, or a view you would need an out of body experience to see. Mirrors can also be beautiful in themselves.

Mirrors help you see yourself

Without a mirror there are many parts of your body you can’t see. Maybe you don’t want to see if your bum looks big. But being able to view your own vulva or clitoris is only possible with a mirror (or camera, but that captures a moment). Being able to watch yourself, or another touch your most intimate places is a wonderful thing. It also helps you to be able to understand your own body. Being able to feel that your clitoris is engorged through arousal is one thing, seeing it is something else.

Mirrors in self portrait photography

Other than my kitchen, the main thing I miss about my house is the mirrored doors of the wardrobes. (I miss the wardrobes too as all my clothes fitted in them). Those mirrors featured in so many of the photographs I have taken over the years. Like the one below, which is from a Sinful Sunday in July 2017.

Master is changing a lightbulb in the bedroom, standing on the bed. I am lying down and taking a picture with the aid of the mirrored wardrobe doors.
Beautiful mirrors

Often in hotels you can find the most beautiful mirrors. Especially those places where furnishings are less basic and let’s say clinical. We have had the pleasure of visiting some lovely hotels over the years and so mirror opportunities pop up frequently. The one below was taken in our room at a hotel close to where my mum now lives. That means there is every chance we’ll visit again.

It’s funny too, that when looking at myself in that mirror I probably hated what I was seeing. But the mirror is so beautiful that I had to take a picture of myself reflected in it. Next time though, I would probably move our bags out of the foreground first. That’s the whole thing with mirrors though. They very rarely lie.