Warning: NSFW image below.

The labia majora are prominent hair‐bearing folds of skin that represent the lateral boundaries of the vulva and meet to form the anterior boundary of the vulva at the mons pubis. The vulva is bounded posteriorly by the fusion of the labia majora at the fourchette. The non–hair‐bearing labia minora lie medial to the labia majora and fuse anteriorly to form the prepuce and frenulum of the clitoris. 

From an article in Science Direct Topics

For the second letter in a row I am veering off the original blogging A to Z topic of my own blog. This is partly because of a series of photos Master took last week and also because writing about our own bodies is a good thing to do.

I grow far too much hair for my own liking. Not only around the pubic area, but if I let it around my labia and the folds of my legs. Master likes me to keep some hair, so for a while I have just let it grow. So, when I stroke my own labia majora they are hairy. Thankfully, no hair grows inside, around the labia minora.

I love it when he strokes me. Running his finger along the slick and responsive area of the internal labia and clitoris. Of course, I have my clitoral hood pierced and so that adds to the sensations. Helps my clitoris grow and become engorged. It isn’t easy to see your own labia without a mirror. But looking and examining is important. However it is also good when someone else admires its beauty. Master is a connoisseur of my body and I love him for that (amongst other things). He reassures me that I am desirable and sexy. Plus he loves to photograph me and uses them to arouse himself later.

Last week when we were at Stoxx, Master took the photo below. He has now given me permission to remove the hair on my labia and I look forward to getting that done as soon as possible. There seems to be hair to remove elsewhere too!


Our sex life is 99% kinky, but day to day we barely reach 40%. Our sex life ebbs and flows, much like everyone else, I imagine. Life gets in the way and often we are powerless to intervene. Or else too tired.

But sometimes we get the opportunity to reach a full 100%. Just such an event happened on Monday night when we checked into The Stoxx

We spent the weekend an hour or so away indulging in the culture of late 19th century / early 20th century English song. Also enjoying the delights of local food and drink. During the day on Monday we visited two nearby cities, visiting the cathedrals and generally soaking up more culture. By the time we arrived at the dungeon I was feeling a little jaded.

The set up

Set in the middle of the countryside Stoxx is a purpose built cabin. We climbed the 8 or so steps and found ourselves in the bedroom area. The bed itself was constructed of sturdy wood with a cage and blackout area underneath. At the end of the bed was a set of stocks.

Into the play room and the sheer array of kink equipment was almost mind blowing. With benches, a swing, St Andrew’s cross etc. As well as various implements to please or torture, depending on your point of view.

A swing, set within a BDSM dungeon room.
Kinky play

Soon after we arrived, we got down to some kinky play. I wore a kind of net dress for the duration and was soon leaning over one of the benches while Master thrashed me soundly. For once, this didn’t really get me into the right mood. I struggled to empty my mind of the busy weekend and day of culture. So we took a break for a while and relaxed on the sofa and drank some wine. After a while though I was ready for some very intense play. The result of which can be seen in the image below. There will be plenty more of these to be seen over the coming weeks.

Me lying on a bench being fucked by a fucking machine.
Photo taken and edited by Master.
Sinful Sunday