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My mentor

2014 was an amazing year. Master and I got together and started our journey together. It was also a very difficult year as when we met Master had another slave. She lived in the US and was planning to join him at some point in the future. The full story can be found here. 2014 is also the year my father died and at the time life at home was stressful. My ex was still living at home for part of the week. Thankfully that was also the year that I met Destiny, online and then in person. For a while Destiny was my mentor.

The dictionary definition of mentor is: an experienced or trusted advisor, Destiny was certainly that. We met online in the same chat room I had met Master, interestingly he was providing some mentorship to her too. Very quickly we started to chat through messenger and then moved to Skype. She has many years of experience within M/s relationships and at the time I was a novice submissive. I had already realised that my time with S had been about play and sex, while my new one with Master felt different. To begin with I had thought I could get to know K, Master’s LDR slave. But very soon it became clear she was not only jealous of me but also very insecure in her life and relationship. 3 months into our relationship, Master went over to the US for a 3 week holiday to see K. This was when my friendship with Destiny really took off and she became my advisor and mentor too.

Spending time together online

The time distance between UK and Florida versus UK and Oregon is much easier to manage. Plus Master was often out of contact for days whereas Destiny wasn’t. She was also in a long distance relationship with a guy in the UK, but somehow we still managed to fit in long Skype chats. My anxiety levels about K were already high, there had been some unpleasant messages and emails and now she was with my Sir (as he was then). Destiny was the one who talked me through my most anxious times, and offered me reassurance. We were able to discuss my feelings about him and them. Her previous experience in a polyamorous relationship was invaluable. She reads taro cards and did so for me, I still have the email she sent me with my reading. She always believed Master and I would end up together, though at the time I found it difficult to believe.

When he returned from the US the situation with K deteriorated both for me and for Master. His visit had been a challenging one and she took her anger out on me. Luckily I had Destiny to turn to for support.

Meeting face to face

During the summer my friend Destiny came over to the UK to visit her own Master. We were lucky enough to meet in person twice. Unfortunately our Masters didn’t hit it off in the same we had. But we had a lovely afternoon together and I have photographic evidence of that time. We also met up for a drink without Master on another occasion. I treasure those times very much.

The value of having a mentor

Our online and Skype friendship continued once Destiny had returned to Florida and she helped me through the last few months before Master ended his relationship with K. It was a challenging time for us both, but having someone who understood helped so much. She was also able to support me when my dad was dying, she too had gone through a similar situation with her own parents.

But it wasn’t all one way traffic. Her own relationship his difficult times and then he suddenly announced he was letting her go. Thankfully I was able to provide an ear to listen, though sadly not a shoulder to cry on, given the distance.

Soon after we lost contact for a while. she entered a relationship where outside involvement wasn’t welcome. I was left feeling upset and a little lonely when my messages went unanswered. We have since re-established communication, but sadly the special relationship is gone. I will always treasure those months though and the hours we spent together online and in person. I will always value the help Destiny gave me and know that the fact Master and I are still together is in part due to her.

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