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Con drop

Twitter is alive today with the voices of the sufferers of this rarely known condition, con drop. But it’s one that strikes every year, without fail. The weekend was full of fun, education and information. It was also very busy. Now, as people return to pick up their normal lives the after effects are being felt. For me, it’s mainly an overall feeling of weariness. So to try to fight the urge to curl up on the sofa with a book or to snooze the day away I am trying to be productive. Already I have done a bit of dusting, tidying and vacuuming. I have stripped the bed, washed the sheets and been into town for food and a birthday present for my niece who turns 21 on Thursday.

I’m getting ready for a longer and more carefully thought out post, using the notes I made over the weekend. But first I wanted to recap over all on Eroticon as an event. I have attended many conferences over the years, mostly work related. Some had huge budgets, others national politicians or field experts. I’ve sat through an after dinner speech by the father of sextuplets and visited a brewery as part of the conference. But rarely have I been to anything as well organised, friendly, inspiring and informative as Eroticon.

Maybe it’s the subject matter or the fact that most people are not there as part of their day job. Or perhaps it is because of the feeling of community, supported and encouraged by those who lead and support it.

The best things

This year, we immersed ourselves into the conference in a way we haven’t before. We were there for the whole of both days and attended both socials. I definitely spoke to more people than I ever have, and still managed to miss a few. But there’s always next time for that.

For me the people make the event and within that I include the sponsors since they are so good at joining in and being part of everything. It is easy to chat to people you already know, but this year I tried to mix in much more with those I didn’t. I only dipped out of one session and that was to chat to Kayla Lords. I was wrapped up in colourful veterinary bandages by Master and vacced by Mactire. This meant I missed the rest of the kink lab, but there will hopefully be a next time.

Molly and Michael ran a wonderfully tight ship organisation wise. Even though she wasn’t there to organise, Girl on the Net provided ‘a spare brain’ and was also a fabulous speaker. But more of that in my proper round up.

The worst thing

The realisation that we have to wait another year for Eroticon has to be the worst thing. Visiting each others blogs and chatting through twitter is fine, but getting to meet each other is on another level. To be able to hug each other, to see the smiles on each others faces is just wonderful. No wonder everyone is now suffering from con drop!

But the best thing we can do, other than try to get back to some sense of normality is to write. After all the purpose of the event is to support us and give us the tools to improve our writing and blogging skills.

So, I have started to plan and will now try to motivate my weary self into action and write.

5 thoughts on “Con drop”

  1. I have said in person and on Twitter what a pleasure it was to meet you both. Con drop is indeed a thing. I am thinking of ways to replace our now defunct blog and in the meantime ill try and comment on others as a way of keeping in touch.

    Our plans are already afoot for Silverdrop to be with me next year, although she may only be at the social events, and otherwise camped out at the Holiday Inn. I would love for you two to also meet her. 🙂

    1. Just resurrected this from my spam folder. It was wonderful to meet you too. It will be amazing if you can both attend next year in whichever way. Wonderful too if you can get your blog up in some way. I am always happy to host a post or 3 for you in the mean time. xx

  2. Con drop is a real bitch. Having to wait a whole year really is a downside especially as you get the chance to learn and be with your people. You don’t get this deep at other conferences

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