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Love lock

I’d always wanted my labia pierced. But until Master came along, I didn’t have the nerve. He was keen to know and understand my kinks and it wasn’t long before I told him about this one. The idea of wearing a chastity devise, that locked my labia together was something I’d dreamed of. A love lock if you will. That and a man who shared a desire to control my orgasms. It soon became clear he was that man.

Today, I am wearing his love lock. 2 large rings protrude from my labia and within the folds of my vulva, the clitoral hood is also pierced. A padlock secures the larger rings in place. The pressure on my clit is immense and I am on edge most of the time. I long for release, but equally I love the forced abstinence. I am forbidden to touch, but at every opportunity Master slips a finger through the gap between my pussy lips and teases. He only unlocks me when desires to use me. Thankfully that is often. He can’t get enough of his locked in love.

Photo from unknown tumblr blog before such photos were removed.

19 thoughts on “Love lock”

    1. It’s not me. Apologies I forgot to attribute the picture, which I found some time ago on tumblr. It’s fiction, but a fantasy.

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  2. Great story, chastity is always fun and exciting. I know you don’t need a belt to not touch but it would greatly increase your excitement lv and add true frustration. For years I dreamed of having a girl to keep in chastity, unlocking to use her or just to tease and relock. I fear I will never have that so it is good to hear of any who do.

  3. How can I pierce my outer labia to keep my inner labia tucked in so the majora is bigger I’m trying to figure it out seems like chastity locks are key but I need a lightweight one I don’t want my skin to stretch I want 4 piercings on each side or 2 on each

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