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The whiteness

I love the whiteness of the hotel sheets. The contrast against my skin. I love the expanse of the bed, the way we have to travel to touch. The luxury of the vast shower, warm towels and white robe awaits. For now I indulge in the pleasure and whiteness of this bed.

February Photofest
Sinful Sunday

24 thoughts on “The whiteness”

  1. Oh goodness, what is it about white sheets, not only being in them, but I’ve definitely got a huge kink for seeing others in them too, so you’re image is right up my street 😉

  2. Me, too – everything feels so crisp, clean, and fresh, even though various bodily fluids have probably been washed off of them countless times. ><

  3. I get the impression you are on the edge of your next adventure, gathering your ‘resources’ in the luxurious bedding – love the white glare off the sheets. Looking great Julie, thanks for sharing your brave, positive steps with us.

  4. This is a breathtaking photo. Magazine cover quality. I love how you invite our eyes to travel down the sheets over your body and on to the shine of your collar. Well done you and Master for sharing this potent image with us.
    Indie xx

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