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Things that made me laugh

Dealing with medical embarrassment

Over the past few months I have found myself in some strange but pretty serious situations. I have had to take my top off for doctors and other health professionals more times than most models do for a photographer in a whole career. Everyone is very professional and careful to protect privacy and dignity. But we do smile about it afterwards. G comes with me to appointments and even though they think he is my husband they are very careful that he doesn’t see my naked chest behind the curtain. Of course you should never take these things for granted, but it does amuse us.

In the waiting room

Over the past 3 weeks we have been making daily trips to the cancer hospital for radiotherapy treatment. It’s a reasonably big place with about 9 or 10 Linear Accelerators and most have their own little waiting area. The radiography teams are often running late, so you are sitting in close proximity to (often anxious) people for a while. During the first week, there was an abundance of people talking about their illnesses, not only their own but everyone they have ever known. Not so much funny as irritating, especially for G who has to spend longer listening.

Last Monday though we were waiting with a group of 3 women; daughter (the patient), her mother and a friend who had driven them. The conversation was about whether the mother and daughter who lived together should invest in amazon prime. There then ensued a conversation where all 3 called out films that could or could not be accessed on the service. A conversation about the chronological order and quality of the Alien films ensued. Plus the daughter wanted access to ‘christian’ music to listen to all day. I guess it is a measure of our daily lives right now that this was amusing. So much so that we have been talking about it all week. Especially when we were trying to find something to watch on Amazon Prime that was worth watching and at no extra cost.

Our own laugh filled viewing

We don’t watch much real time TV, mainly because we can’t find much to appeal. Recently we’ve been binge watching some old stuff. One from our youth that made us laugh was the Beiderbeck Trilogy – jazz, intrigue and comedy rolled into one. I never watched My Name is Earl when it was on TV, but we’ve been watching some episodes of that too.

At the cinema we saw the new Laurel and Hardy Biopic: Stan and Ollie which we really enjoyed. The bits when they were doing their act was like watching the real thing. It made us laugh out loud. It was serious and sad too, but the funny bits were real belly laugh moments. We rounded off with a couple of original films which added to the fun and laughter.

I pledge my commitment to blog for my mental health. I will write about mental health topics not only for myself but for others. I do this to destigmatize mental illness and to promote mental health awareness & education. I am a sex blogger for mental health. #sb4mh #bfmh #notalone #SexNotStigma

9 thoughts on “Things that made me laugh”

  1. Waiting room conversations really can be awful. (My poor dad used to come away absolutely green from my children’s hospital visits.) I would have been happy to have the Amazon Prime people near me, too.

    (True confessions time: I have Amazon Prime, mostly to save on shipping and for the occasional terrific discount, but I always eschewed watching anything on it because I wasn’t attracted by most of the offerings… then I discovered that they show Waldemar Januszczak films… and I had to come down off my high horse. I like his art films a lot but they’re very hard to come by over here.)

  2. That can be the beauty of entertainment…it takes us out of ourselves for a moment. Mr.D and I have stressful careers, and we find ourselves falling back on stand-up comedy shows quite often. Laugher really can be the best medicine.

  3. I do find that where ever you go people talk about their illnesses – it seems to be a human thing! And I constantly find what other people chat about on other topics in public places so amusing – I don t think these people realise though xx

  4. Hope all is going well with your health. And sometimes I enjoy listening in on waiting room conversations however I’m usually the one talking loudly for the amusement of the ones listening in…and I find that funny. 🙂

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