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Fit for Friday 1

In an attempt to be more structured about the changes I am trying to make to my diet and fitness levels for 2019 I have joined FFF 2.0. This is a weekly check in for bloggers and others without a blog on the Fondler’s Anonymous blog. Fondles will then provide a round up with her own entry. She and I go back a long time, in fact her relationship with BIKSS began at the same time I started mine with S. She stopped blogging for a while but has been back stronger than ever for over a year now. They are still together and of course I am now with G.

FFF Goals for 2019

  • Lose weight
  • Increase step count
  • Eat healthily
  • Reduce alcohol consumption

Progress Week 1

I decided the best way to kick start my weight loss was to give up alcohol for a month. I actually started on 2nd Jan. We rounded off New Year’s Day with a lovely bottle of English Sparkling Wine in the bath.

I can’t deny that I have missed the wine and gin, but not enough to lapse. Plus, as mentioned before it seems a good idea to abstain during my radiotherapy. Combined with cutting out sugar (again) and eating healthily all week I have lost 2lb in weight.

My step count hasn’t been fantastic averaging only about 5K. I have got too used to sitting about most of the day (writing and reading so not idle), but definitely too sedentary. So the aim next week is to get moving towards my previous 9k average.

2 thoughts on “Fit for Friday 1”

  1. You may find that by eliminating the alcohol, you lose weight. (Two birds, one stone. 🙂 )

    Anecdotal, not advisory:

    When I first altered my diet, I didn’t give myself food restrictions, but I gave myself a daily calorie limit. I quickly found that the calories I drank were utterly wasted. (I don’t drink alcohol, but there are lots of useless calories in non-alcoholic drinks as well.) They didn’t do anything to satisfy hunger and left me feeling empty, yet those calories still needed to be burned. Replacing those liquid calories with water is one of the key things that jump-started my weight loss, I think.

    1. Thanks, you are so right about the calories in non alcoholic drinks. I’m having loads of water, but from time to time that just gets dull. Still, so far, so good.

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