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We’re underway

It’s almost 3 months since my surgery. Over that time there have been numerous hospital appointments and much waiting. But at last the radiotherapy treatment is underway.

Last Monday (New Year’s Eve) was the planning appointment. During this the Doctor and Radiographers take various technical measurements required for the treatment. Then pen and finally tiny tattoo marks are applied to help them line up the machine for the daily dose. We are lucky that the cancer centre is just 20 minutes away and this week I feel glad that this is happening after my move rather than before.

Then on Tuesday we attended an information session, which was very informative – about the treatment, procedure, side effects etc. Before going back yesterday for the first dose. The worse part of the whole business so far is the waiting about. Each individual treatment area has it’s own little waiting room, but this soon fills up with people. Yesterday we were forced to listen to a group of people discussing not only their own cancer experiences but the health and illness of their spouses and wider family. Luckily I got less of that today, but Master felt the full force.

Anyway back to the treatment. The actual procedure takes only 10 minutes or so. Lining up the machine with the dots seems to be the tricky thing. For the first 3 days they also take an X-ray of my chest (the grey panel on the right of the picture above). The staff are really friendly and professional (as you would expect), so lying there semi naked with your arms above your head isn’t so bad. They say that side effects don’t become apparent for the first week, so nothing to report so far. I shall keep moisturising to try to prevent my skin becoming too sore and I am doing my best to keep hydrated (all part of the advice). I am day 10 of dry January and for once intend to see it through.

It seems that side effects are worse if you are dehydrated and so for health reasons I am avoiding the alcohol till this is over. I am hoping that will also help me lose a few pounds. After all, with a holiday booked for the end of Feb, I need to start to prepare my bikini body……

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