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Glass half full

Picture courtesy of @Molly’s Daily Kiss

“Let me get this straight, he dumped you on New Years Eve?” Jo’s eyes were wide with incredulity as she met mine. I raised my cocktail glass to my lips and took a sip before nodding. I grinned to show I wasn’t as upset as she might have expected.

“Yes, shortly after midnight. But by then I’d eaten the posh meal and drunk a bottle of champagne, all on him, so it isn’t all bad. I think I was cramping his style he wants to ‘play the field'”.

Jo shook her head and took a gulp of her own martini before looking round for the waiter. More was definitely needed.

“His loss” I added as the waiter approached and Jo ordered our refills. “He should have shown more interest in my own sexual preferences. I was happy to share, if only he had mentioned it” I laughed into my glass as a vision filled my head. “Anyway, I have already moved on. I’m off out with James tomorrow, and I’ve heard really good things about him.”

“Me too”, Jo’s eyes twinkled. “Well good luck Annie, and here’s to open minded men and plenty of sex in 2019”. 

“Plus cocktails” I added as we raised our glasses and downed the last of our drinks just as the waiter returned. My thoughts drifted to tomorrow and the date with James. Knowing what he had in mind for us made be blush just a little, something not lost on Jo. She raised her eyebrows quizzically, and I prepared to divulge just one or two details. 

This girly night was just what I had needed after the shit storm of New Year’s Eve!

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