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Goals for 2019

We are now 9 days into this new year and so far 2019 is going ok. The F4TF prompt this week is goals and ambitions for the year.

What are your goals, dreams, ambitions for 2019?

2018 was incredibly busy and my main hope is that this will be quieter, calmer and much more pleasant. I have a sense that this will be the case. We have plans to travel both at home and abroad and have booked a couple of trips. The first and most exciting will be a holiday in Cape Verde at the end of February. This will be our reward for getting through the traumas of the past few months.

Somehow I need to factor in finding some paid work and intend to set up a couple of meetings after our holiday to explore how that can be achieved. I plan to freelance and where possible work from home or wherever I am. A new 10 year health plan published by the government this week might help as there will be a need for people who can help to localise this.

Health and wellbeing will be a big factor for me this year. I need to lose weight ready for the breast reconstruction. This is slightly different from the general desire I have had for years but haven’t been able to sustain. My health scare has taught me that I need to be more mindful about what I put into my body. Recognising how much I love alcohol is important. After a week of dry January I am still craving wine at dinner, but feel pleased with myself for choosing water instead. I am finding other, non alcoholic drinks to try and haven’t resorted to Pepsi max once. I reintroduced sugar at Christmas and am now trying hard not to crave it again. These aren’t resolutions for the new year, but actual attempts to make lifestyle changes.

What, if anything, do you plan to try and change about your life? Why?

My focus is on myself, us and our relationship. The cancer diagnosis was a blessing in starting to make this happen. The test will be not to allow others to interfere or to allow myself to slip back to old ways.

There is very little that needs to change in terms of the way we live our life. Just to focus on making sure we achieve the things we want. Almost 7 years after starting this blog and I can at last say those things. All that is left is to get divorced and finalise any other legal things that are required.

Where do you see yourself in 12 months time?

For once in my life I am hoping for some status quo. Around this time next year I would expect to be preparing for surgery and then planning some great things for 2020. I can hardly believe that the century is nearly 20 years old and I am nearer 60 than 50. But strangely that feels less onerous than being 30 or 40 ever did.

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