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Look into my eyes

I am not a great fan of intense eye contact in any context. But I do struggle with people who avoid it all together. I worked with someone once who would launch into long monologues at meetings and training events and simultaneously close her eyes as she did it. I found that distinctly unsettling, especially if she was sitting near me, or referring to something I had said. Some eye contact in a work or social situation is important. It helps you to know whether people mean what they say, if they are telling the truth or a lie. What is more, some people have very attractive eyes, ones that change colour depending on the situation.

When it comes to intimate moments including sex, I am a fan of closing my eyes. S is the only person I have encountered who seemed to stare when kissing or during sex. His gaze was piercing and at times unnerving. A little bit like the woman with the closed eyes. Of course I never kissed or had sex with her!

Master mostly closes his eyes too when we kiss. After almost 5 years we know each other well enough that we don’t need to keep our eyes open all of the time. But there are times when he will insist I open my eyes and look into his. This is particularly the case when he is in the process of forcing an orgasm from me.

As he counts me down and tells me to cum, he will insist I meet his gaze. I have to concentrate as I prefer to immerse myself in the orgasm rather than meet his eyes. But of course I do as I am told as I am (usually) a very good girl. So if he says – “Look at me when you orgasm” I do. He loves the power involved in making me do what I would rather not. I guess that is part of the Dominant hold he has over me and why I am his submissive.

5 thoughts on “Look into my eyes”

  1. I’ve encountered the closed-eyes-while-speaking thing before too, and I find it trying.

    I think it’s likely a way for people to deal with their nervousness about speaking in front of others, though sometimes it has felt like that person is reading from a Power Point presentation that’s scrolling behind their closed eyelids.

  2. Aye, aye the eyes have it. There are times it is important to look into some one’s eyes and a time to close them. There are times it is important to look at my darling S. and times where my instincts are to close them.
    During conversation, open eyes are a bullshit gauge. There is one thing worse than closed eyes conversation and that is talk to my tits conversations and that I stop a.s.a.p. and in a loud, accusatory voice. Happy New year and keep on blogging. <3 <3 <3

    1. Definitely agree with the talking to tits thing. Same as when I was pregnant and people would talk to the bump. Happy new year to you both xxx

  3. Eye contact is important but I have a colleague who stares unblinking into my eyes so I’m firced to look away, it’s uncomfortanble and as creepy as no eye contact.

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