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The corner

The room inside Club Amour was dimly lit, so much so that it was difficult to see the faces of those within. Dotted around the room, there was comfortable seating on which people sat drinking and chatting. 

He led her to one corner and a couple sipping champagne under a red lamp. He introduced them as Guy and Michelle and nodded for her to sit. Lowering herself onto the sofa next to Michelle she carefully crossed her legs. Immediately a waiter arrived with glasses and more champagne. 

David sat down beside her and she took the glass he offered. The nerves she had felt while waiting outside were building again and she took a large gulp of the fizzy liquid.  “Don’t be nervous darling, we will take good care of you” he smiled. Resting his hand on her knee, he nodded for her to uncross her legs. Leaning forward she placed the glass on the table and slowly unbuttoned, then removed her coat. 

“That’s right, time to get comfortable” David smiled and Guy nodded. Michelle stood and slipped her shift dress over her head. She too was naked. “Now, let’s have a drink before the fun begins. 

As she looked around the room, sipping the cool champagne her nerves began to dissipate. Now used to the lighting she could see that every other woman present was naked. The men dressed in evening wear. He was right, she would be fine here with them. 

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