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Control through sex

He pushed his cock in slowly, stretching the entrance to my tight hole. Once he had slid in a little, he withdrew allowing the tip to run across my piercing. The feeling as the hard cock slid back inside me was delicious, a little easier this time. 

For a few moments we were both silent as his penis slid in and out, each time brushing across my clit. “I love to do this” he said, stating something very obvious. “I love to use you like this, your cunt, my cunt. 

By way of a reply I wrapped my legs tightly around him just as he slid his cock back inside and held him there. “Squeeze me” he grinned. I obliged by tightening my pelvic floor muscles. “Mmm that is so good”.

“My party piece” I agreed. 

I slid my legs down the bed a little and he adjusted position and got himself into a fine rhythm, moving between them. Deeper with each movement until his balls were close to my vulva. “You’ve got a wide on” he exclaimed. No longer tight then, now fully open for him, while he in turn filled me to the brim. 

“You need this don’t you? You need me to use you like this, to control you”

“Yes Master, this girl does” 

And I do. 

I have written before about how vanilla our sex could look to a fly on the wall. So long as it was deaf. We are often in the missionary position and our sex is more often PIV. But we both get off on knowing he is in control, that he is using my body as he wishes. He tells me I am his cunt and it sends endorphins flooding to my clit, telling it to swell and throb. Then he puts a finger there and exclaims how turned on I am and of course immediately I could orgasm. 

Even when I get on top of him, he retains control. Of my movements, of the rest of my body and of course my orgasms. He tells me when to release and I do. No matter how many times I think I won’t come when he tells me, I still do. It is mighty weird, but I suppose I am as conditioned as Pavlov’s dog. His woman, his slave, his cunt. His bitch – MPB.

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14 thoughts on “Control through sex”

  1. “I love to use you like this, your cunt, my cunt.” SO FUCKING HOT! This whole piece is so fucking hot in fact (and it seems we share a party piece *grins)


  2. I get this! Over the years, my partner has “given” me various parts of her body to use for my pleasure. I feel, however, that each time we get together, I need to “renew the lease” by asking her if a specific body part is mine to enjoy, especially during foreplay. In doing so, I reinforce that she owns her body and is in control of it, and I am but a guest. Considering how #MeToo has generated a great deal of uncertainty over such relationships, maybe this is a good way to both spice things up a bit and confirm consent.

    1. I think you are right Nero. In our relationship I have already consented and unless I remove it, it is both implicit and explicit in all we do. Where that isn’t the case, it is best to reaffirm consent each time.

  3. I think a lot of things in D/s relationships – sexy and not – would/do likely look ‘vanilla’ to an outsider’s eyes. Because the power (and the pleasure in exchanging it) is much more about HOW an interaction takes place than the fact that it took place at all.

    It’s not what you do so much as how you do it.

    And if the “how” is hot for you, that’s what matters.

  4. I agree with you about what others think. It is not the act itself but the meaning behind the act. I have always thought that the same thing can be an act of submission for one couple and an act of Dominance for another. It is about what it means to you. And for me the key is the mental so it is a lot about what is said and how that works with the triggers for my submissive space. Not sure anyone would think of you as vanilla though lol. A hot piece 🙂

  5. I agree! Our sex is almost always missionary. Thats just the most confortable for us. Or else im lying on my front with him on top of me from behind. But its always in the words that are being spoken that the dominance is felt. And even with no words, we both just know- i’m his.

  6. Yes, yes, YES! Intention matters much more than the physical act — because to an outsider we all probably seem more vanilla than we know. It’s about what it means to us, the words used, and a LOT of other things besides what someone else could possibly see.

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