Time to write more fiction, as I have recently been saying. For the first time, I am submitting this to the Friday Flash Meme. The little story below is 200 words. 

The taxi driver dropped her off and pointed across the road. There was little traffic, so she crossed quickly and walked into the grand square. The place was deserted, the sound of her heels bounced off the tall buildings and echoed in her ears. Unsure she was in the right place, she looked around and then up at the pink sign. Amour – The club. His instruction had been to wait here.  

So she stopped beneath the sign and waited, shivering a little. The light coat might have felt warmer had she not been naked underneath, though it wasn’t cold; nerves perhaps. Looking across the square her face flushed pink as she saw him appear at one of the windows. He waved and then disappeared. 

She assumed he was on his way down to meet her. Her nipples hardened against the lining of her coat in anticipation. Suddenly he was there, his arms around her, mouth on hers. Her pussy throbbed as he slid a hand inside the fold of her coat. He briefly rested it on her mound.

“Good girl” he smiled, and slipped his arm around her shoulders as they walked together through the door beneath the sign.  

Part 2, The Corner is here

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