Time to write more fiction, as I have recently been saying. For the first time, I am submitting this to the Friday Flash Meme. The little story below is 200 words. 

The taxi driver dropped her off and pointed across the road. There was little traffic, so she crossed quickly and walked into the grand square. The place was deserted, the sound of her heels bounced off the tall buildings and echoed in her ears. Unsure she was in the right place, she looked around and then up at the pink sign. Amour – The club. His instruction had been to wait here.  

So she stopped beneath the sign and waited, shivering a little. The light coat might have felt warmer had she not been naked underneath, though it wasn’t cold; nerves perhaps. Looking across the square her face flushed pink as she saw him appear at one of the windows. He waved and then disappeared. 

She assumed he was on his way down to meet her. Her nipples hardened against the lining of her coat in anticipation. Suddenly he was there, his arms around her, mouth on hers. Her pussy throbbed as he slid a hand inside the fold of her coat. He briefly rested it on her mound.

“Good girl” he smiled, and slipped his arm around her shoulders as they walked together through the door beneath the sign.  

Part 2, The Corner is here

Sex bloggers R us

Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2018

It is 6 and a half years since I joined the sex blogging world. When I started my blog was about describing new experiences and their emotional effect on me. A diary of events mixed in with memes and other stuff when life was uneventful. My blog has changed a lot since my first post in April 2012. Not just in terms of format or hosting but also the way I write. I’ve been going back recently to update SEO key phrases (lost when I changed hosts in February), so I can see. I tended then to write very long sentences (still do sometimes). Mainly because of a tendency to write 20 words when 10 would do fine. Rightly or wrongly I have been editing some of them to make them more punchy. More like I write now, but without changing the meaning. 

I am proud to be part of the sex blogging community. Never more so than today, because for the first time I am in the top 100 sex blog list, compiled by Molly. 

The list contains some brilliant blogs and many are bloggers I aspire to emulate. Not in terms of content exactly, but style, professionalism and skill. As always there are blogs I have never read and so there is new material to peruse. 

I am so pleased that Marie Rebelle is in the number 1 spot with Rebel’s Notes. She joins a growing list of blogging community leaders who have achieved that accolade. The full list is below. 

1 Rebel’s Notes @Rebelsnotes
2 Floss Does Life @_floss_84
3 Temperatures Rising N/A
4 Girly Juice @girly_juice
6 Coffee and Kink @CoffeeAndKink
8 Sex Matters @more_matters
10 Pandora Blake @pandorablake
11 Pain as Pleasure @bibulousone
12 Little Switch Bitch @_littlesbitch
13 Miss Eve E @MissEveBlogs
14 Hey Epiphora @epiphora
15 Candy Snatch @candysreviews
16 Red Hot Suz @redhotsuz
17 Cara Thereon @thereon_cara
18 Mx Nillin @MxNillin
19 Cara Sutra @thecarasutra
20 On Queer Street @OnQueerStreet
21 Brigit Writes @BrigitWrites
22 Submissy @5ubmissy
23 Sexual Destinies @VictoriaVista1
24 The Other Livvy @theotherlivvy
25 Tabitha Rayne @TabithaErotica
26 Super Smash Cache @supersmashcache
27 Miss Scarlet Writes @MissScarletUK
28 The Big Gay Review @thebiggayreview
29 Teachers Have Sex @teachershavesex
30 Miss Ruby Reviews @MissRubyReviews
31 Feisty Fox Films @feistyfoxfilms
32 Kelvin Sparks @ksparksreviews
33 Exposing 40 @exposing40
34 I’m an Adult @Indigoisanadult
35 Innocent Loverboy @innocentlb
36 Submissive Feminist @SubFeminist
37 Victoria Blisse @victoriablisse
38 Phallophile Reviews @phallophilerev
39 Joanne’s Sex Machine @joannesreviews
40 Petra Pan @PetraPanReviews
41 Wriggly Kitty @wriggly_kitty
42 Dildo or DilDont @Makeupandsin
43 A to sub Bee @sub_bee
44 Princess Previews @PrincessPreview
45 Hannah likes dirty words @HannahLockhardt
46 Backwoods Bedroom @bkwoodsbedroom
47 Subs missives @Sum1Sub
48 Pillow Princess Reviews @PillowPrincessR
49 Modesty Ablaze @ablazingmodesty
50 Joellen Notte @JoEllenNotte
51 Emmeline Peaches Reviews @EmmelinePeaches
52 Annie Savoy @asavoywrites
53 Kitten Boheme @kittenboheme
54 Suggestive @suggestive
55 Forbidden Writings @Charlton_Tod
56 Master’s Pleasing Bitch @MPBjulie
57 Kilted Wookie – The Zen Nudist @Kilted_Wookie
58 Cleareyedgirl @_Masterseye
59 Nicci Haydon @NicciHaydon
60 Chronic Sex @chronicsexchat
61 You Won’t Tame This Sassy Cat @sassycat38
62 Le Journal @Little_xsecret
63 Ace in the Hole @_aceinthehole
64 Down the Bunny Rabbit Hole @LuvbunnySL82
65 Isabelle Lauren @romanticisa
66 Jerusalem Mortimer: Between the Lines @JaimeMortimer
67 Midnight at the Oasis @midnightoasis64
68 Maria Open’s Up @MSM1647
69 Love, Violet @fireandhoney
70 HisLordshipUK @hislordshipuk
71 Happy Come Lucky @ht_honey
72 Pieces of Jade @piecesofjade
73 Sex is my New Hobby @sexismynewhobby
74 Steeled Snake @steeledsnake
75 Exhibit A @EA_unadorned
76 Fondlers Aonoymous
77 Cerebral Sexuality @sexcerebral
78 Dr. J @DoctorJAuthor
79 Accidental Masturbator’s sex blog
80 Mischa Eliot @mischa_eliot
81 Ophelia’s @fearlessophelia
82 Eros Blog @ErosBlogBacchus
83 Rain De Grey @raindegrey
84 F Dot Leonora @fdotleonora
85 Miss Jezebella @Miss_Jezebella
86 Asrai Devin @asrai
87 Nookyeverafter @nookysemper
88 Life of Elliot… @elliotthenry36
89 Ina Morata @inamoratawriter
90 Lascivious Lucy @LasciviousLucy
91 Helen’s Toybox @helenstoybox
92 Ayzad @Ayzad
93 Books1799 @Books1799
94 Pillow Talk @posychurchgate
95 RisqueViews @RisqueViews
96 Livvy Libertine @Livvy_Libertine
97 My Sex Life with Lola
98 Krystle In Bed @krystleinbed
99 @bondagegod1
  100. YOU! The last spot is for the all the other awesome sex bloggers out there. It is just not possible to include everyone, I relied on the nominations to gather the list and I am sure there are people missing, but this place is for you because every single one of you counts and contributes towards this community.