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Note – I didn’t’ read the prompt properly and so while I can be playful, this is about something else. 

We don’t so much have a play box, but a whole room. It’s called the play room (no lack of imagination here). It is the first room in the house I saw (other than the hallway and stairs). We played the day after we met.

I’m sure the rule book of BDSM says you should take more time to get to that stage. A strangers house, the day after you meet. But, it seemed right and anyway it was a while ago now (5 years in February). 

That Sunday afternoon was the first time I had been played with in such an intense way. Restrained, blindfolded, gagged. I discovered just how much I am turned on by impact play. How much my body can be stimulated by a variety of sensations. Our fate was probably sealed that day.

Toys, large and small

The playroom is full of equipment, large and small. Collected over a number of years, by someone who loves to shop online and in person. The largest thing is the swing and appeared soon after our first trip to CMnf. There’s one at that club and someone we met there raved about it. We didn’t try it out then, but one soon appeared at home. To begin with, it’s a little scary as you are suspended (probably naked), arms, legs and bottom supported by slings. Once you stop worrying about falling it is great fun. 

As you can see it provides open access for play with other implements and also sex. Sad to say we haven’t used it much. But it would probably be a good way for us to play while I am still recovering because I doubt I could manage my arms being restrained at the moment. Particularly above or behind my head. 

Other toys include the fucking machine (also not well used) and the violet wand which is an evil toy. I love the sensations it produces in me, but struggle with the concept of electrical play. If I’m blindfolded though, I am able to relax into it. Master also owns a large number of impact toys plus things that can be inserted into orifices. Dildos, plugs, vibrating toys and a zipper. In fact, if it has been invented and is safe and available, it is probably in our play room.

Getting back to play

Since I moved in during the summer the playroom has been a bit of a store room. Mind you, most rooms in the house are currently storing a box or 3. We have been talking about getting the playroom ready for some fun again and writing this post makes me want to do that. 

Time to get back on that swing again and have some fun. 

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