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I have always enjoyed writing

When I was 8 I was entered into a writing competition at school and won a good called ‘Mrs Cockle’s Cat’ for my troubles. I had a vivid imagination as a child, and preferred to create my own fiction, rather than keeping to exactly what the teacher might have wanted. So much so, that in a music competition at aged 11, I made up a tune rather than follow the one on the page in front of me. I found my own life dull and so also told ‘tales’ of a more exciting existence. At some point during my secondary school years though I realised I had to start to be truthful and also produce the work requested. But that didn’t stop me and a friend writing romantic fiction about the boys we fancied. But we restricted our activities to evenings and weekends.

Once in nursing school

My life became about writing patient notes and reports, plus of course essays and course work. There was little time to continue creating fiction and anyway I had my own boyfriend by then. Plus nursing friends with interesting relationships and patients who led fascinating lives (well one or two of them did). My writing was forced to take on a factual side and what’s more it could no longer be based on my opinion.

Some time in my early 20’s I began to write fiction again. As before, I wrote in longhand in notebooks. This time, given that I was already married but bored with the long hours my husband worked, the romance became a little more raunchy. Sex had been a bit of an anticlimax in my own reality and so I became creative on the page. Looking back it is amazing that I was able to write such erotica given my lack of experience. Remember that back then, there was no access to the wealth of information we have today. Mind you at least I was aware of anatomy because of my nursing experience. Once I had my son there was little time for writing for pleasure. I was soon back working full time, studying for a degree and looking after him. My hands were full enough.

At some point in the 90’s we got ourselves a computer in the house

Soon after I found myself helping my son to create his own website about his favourite cartoon characters. I impressed myself, as well as him when it actually worked. Not long after that I discovered blogger and began my first blog. This was based on my work, by now nursing management. I wrote mainly opinion pieces and some that were researched as well as a kind of academic diary. In fact, I later used the blog as the basis for my reflective practice aspect for the Masters I was studying at the time.

My work over the past few years has involved a lot of writing – reports, papers, proposals and the like. Some long and in-depth. I have enjoyed constructing them, though not always the deadlines. But it feels as if the creativity I once had is somewhat buried beneath facts. My attempts at writing fiction on this blog while well received haven’t been easy to produce. I have much more time to write the things I want to now. So, perhaps it is time to rediscover the imagination I know I had as a child. What I won’t do though, is to stop voicing my opinion. This is my blog and I can write whatever I wish.

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13 thoughts on “Writing”

  1. I also giggled about you writing about the boys you fancied. Perhaps you can re-visit those memories, with the added spice that experience brings!
    And yes you are right, your blog is the perfect medium for always voicing your opinions.
    Xxx – K

  2. My writing life has ebbed and flowed and morphed like this as well. Finally settling on a sex blog was rather a surprising turn of events, but has led me to an amazing online writing community. I’m glad you are a part of it. And I’m glad for your efforts.

    I did a similar thing…had a blog about teaching before I shifted. I find this type of writing much more beneficial to my soul.

  3. I agree with others, those early crushes might be worth a revisit and I really do look forward to seeing you explore your writing more now you have time. I think it is easy to ‘forget’ how to write fiction when you are writing non fic all the time. I know I have experienced that but once I get back into it I realise that I never forgot how to do it I just forgot to do it.


  4. Delighted you have eventually gravitated to this – but like the other commenters, I bet you can get your fiction ‘mojo’ back if you push yourself. I am really looking forward to see what you produce Julie, you are nothing if not determined. Thanks for sharing your journey.

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