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In view

This has been a wonderful weekend, spent in central London. We are staying in our favourite London hotel. We have walked among the tourists and in the quiet back streets. Enjoyed lovely food and wine. Sat at the hotel bar eating cheese while someone argued over their bar bill. We attended the viewing of a silent film about the first world war in a museum.

Today was a crisp and sunny day and the view from our room shows that. We are only on the third floor but I doubt anyone one was looking up while this photo was taken. Well who knows?

Sinful Sunday

19 thoughts on “In view”

  1. I agree with earlier comments, the view outside and inside looks great, and you are showing that you’re gaining confidence with your new image. I’m so glad you had a weekend away from home, but something a little familiar. My OH and I find we really connect well when off home turf with all it’s pulls of responsibility and niggles (truthfully – I am the niggly one!!)
    The cherry on top – I love hotel room sex!!

    1. Hotel sex is great isn’t it. I think you are right, it is sometimes possible to connect in a hotel in a way that is difficult at home.

  2. Thank you everyone for saying such lovely things about this photo. The view from inside is of course different than it would be from outside. I love the brightness and the shadows and the fact that I can still stand in profile and look good.

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