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Inspiration and blocks – F4TF

I have kept a blog for probably 10 years, and have been writing this one for well over 5. In that time my content has ebbed and flowed. There is nothing like a new relationship or exciting situation to get the creative juices flowing. But at other times, inspiration is difficult to come by. What is more, it is a challenge to keep things fresh and to refrain from repeating yourself, too much.

This week’s Food For Though Friday is about Inspiration and blocks as a blogger. These are mine,

Where do the ideas for your content come from?

My blog has always been, and probably always will be predominantly about me and my life. So, if things are going very well or very badly, I will have no trouble thinking of something to write about. At other times, I rely on memes and prompts to help me along. 

I would love to write fiction, but really struggle with ideas for stories, whatever the genre. I don’t lack imagination, but unless it has happened, or I can see it happening to me I find it difficult to document. Perhaps years of writing factual reports for work has affected my ability to write fiction. When I was much younger, I wrote stories in long hand in exercise books. I no longer have them, so can’t really comment on quality, but I wasn’t short of ideas. They were often pretty erotic too. 

How do you get inspiration? Who or what inspires what you post?

We are so lucky to have other bloggers and writers to help provide inspiration to us within this community. There are so many talented people, thinking up ideas, running memes and competitions. Then there are those that participate, who inspire content and ideas. Some of my favourites: 

  • Molly’s memes – Sinful Sunday and Kink of the week as well as elust which provides a monthly list of top sex blog posts, reviewed and rated by their peers
  • Marie from Rebel’s Notes – Wicked Wednesday a weekly meme, Smut Marathon an erotic writing competition and Smut Relay a story being written by different bloggers over several months
  • Kayla Lords – Masturbation Monday, another weekly meme and her other projects including the Smutlancer and the Loving BDSM podcast
  • F4TF by Kilted Wookie – which I am participating in right now
  • All of the bloggers above also write their own posts which provide further thought and inspiration. 
  • At other times I have joined in with 30 days of submission or kink and other such memes that are more of a one off. 
  • Then there are bloggers who seem to have little difficulty with their own inspirations and are great at providing others with ideas. I especially enjoy reading May More, Cara Theron, Posy Churchgate and Floss
  • Of course there are more ways of being inspired, and there are others out there providing that inspiration. Sometimes it is just a matter of visiting and commenting and suddenly realising you have a whole post to write in response. 
How do you decide  what to share, and why?

I try write stuff that is interesting to me and also importantly my Master. If no one else finds it exciting, that is ok, because it is my blog and I am writing in the main for our benefit. Sometimes my writing becomes personal, such as is the case right now. At other times it is fun or frivolous. It isn’t always easy to want to write and to share personal things, sometimes it feels dull and boring. But for me it is about being true to myself. Not much of my life is hidden, but in the main I avoid mentioning exact locations, other people who prefer to remain anonymous, specific details about my work and of course family. Other than that, what you see is pretty much what you get. 

12 thoughts on “Inspiration and blocks – F4TF”

  1. Great piece Julie, and I’m glad I give the impression that I don’t struggle for inspiration, because sometimes I really do!!

    I agree the real highs and lows of your life are hard times to write. Also if I am called upon to take a very strong ‘Mum’ or ‘Daughter’ role – I dont feel much like writing kinky-fuckery, it feels frivolous.
    In my working life I type a lot, but I wish I was creating rather than recording accounts or complying with regulations – that is boring – so when I get to sit down in front of a blank screen I type like I talk! Blah Blah, meander, describe … tidy it up later!

    We have some very talented people in our corner of the internet, and some who are very generous and inspiring, I totally agree. But without people like you, letting us get a peek at how you ‘play’ and your relationship dynamic, or others who review toys or get on their soapbox and rant about injustices done to them, I know I for one would have less real understanding of the facets of kink which I haven’t been able to try for myself. Without readers – who would we be writing for? Yeah for ourselves (which we all do) but it is nice to know like minded people are reading and nodding.

    Thank you Julie, you inspire me right back.

  2. I always love reading what you share, whether it’s fiction or fact, fun or serious. I love your blog, love your honesty, and seriously will be sad if you ever stop writing!
    Thank you so much for mentioning me and my memes, Julie.

    Rebel xox

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