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A Moroccan Feast

Last weekend we had the pleasure of meeting Indigo and showing her around some of the delights of Oxford. As an alumnus of that particular seat of learning, Master loves to share his enjoyment of the architecture and academia. Indie and I were willing followers as we explored some of the colleges and the Pitt Rivers museum. A number of the hostelries were also sampled along the way. Finally we decided it was time for dinner.

Our favourite restaurant in Oxford is a delightful tapas place serving a fusion of Spanish and North African dishes in a relaxed setting. The bathroom though is particularly interesting as you can see below. 

You can find more fun shots from that evening on Indie’s blog. 

Sinful Sunday

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13 thoughts on “A Moroccan Feast”

  1. Looks like a fabulous time was had by all. It is so lovely seeing bloggers come together (no sex pun intended I promise) and have a giggle and a good time, especially when we get to see photographs of the adventures x

  2. Thanks again lovely for the collaboration- every time I look at these pics I break into a grin.
    And thanks again to both of you for showing me around and showing me a good time!!!
    Indie xxx
    Ps I’ve fixed the link from my page to yours…

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