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Some day

So many things that I wanted to do have become reality. The fact that Master and I are living together, that we have the time to do the things we want together is wonderful. Last weekend we attended our third CMnf – Clothed Male, naked female – event. This time I was so relaxed about everything that I had no hesitation in getting stripped off straight away. I wore nothing all afternoon other than a lovely chain harness that we bought at BBB a few weeks ago. I love the way it frames my breasts – there will definitely need to be a photo on the blog soon. 

But this week I have had cause to reflect on the concept of waiting to do things ‘some day’s versus getting on and doing them now. For two years Master and I spent time working on my house and garden. I know this because over the past couple of months  numerous posts have reappeared on Facebook. Repairing the shed, painting fences, decluttering, painting walls. The same with women, for a long time I knew I had had enough but that moving house and giving up work would have to happen around the same time.

Those things have now happened and our time is our own. Now we can plan for new dreams, a new some day. Well hopefully yes. But as I lay on a doctor’s couch on Tuesday having a lump in my breast biopsied, I did consider that perhaps we should now just do what we want when we want to. My dream of having more time to myself didn’t involve breast cancer treatment, and maybe it wont come to that. I will know next week.

I now wonder about the 2 years of procrastination, of doing things right for my ex. I wonder if I should have been harder faced and concentrated more on what we needed for us. There is no turning back, butmaybe a realisation that thinking you’ll do things some day is the wrong approach. If you can, do it now.

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8 thoughts on “Some day”

  1. I am glad you can concentrate on another someday, but really concerned to hear about the biopsy. Am going to keep my fingers crossed that all is well. Please keep us posted. Hugs, sweetie!

    Rebel xox

  2. Damn, I had not idea and I feel like a shitty friend as a result. I really hope the biopsy turns out to be OK. And yes you are right, if you can do it now, do it!


  3. Julie,

    One of my favorite things to do is pick one of the people whose work (their writing) I enjoy, and go back in time. I knew you had faced breast cancer. This story struck a chord in me as I am on what I consider my 5th life.

    Do you still do things in the moment? I hope so.

    I had put that into my New year plans for 2020.

    And I have not lost that feeling in the 2 years plus some months since, if possible it’s even stronger.


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