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I feel embarrassed that I have written nothing of any note on my blog during the whole of July. Today, it is already 26th and other than 3 sinful Sunday posts, nothing.

But, I have excuses, good ones.

This week our new life together has begun. As of Tuesday this week, two whole days ago, we are co-habiting here in His house. That is to say I have a new home and it is going to take some getting used to.

The past few weeks have passed in a blur. Earlier in the month I hired a skip. My brother and son came over and we spent a day filling it with things in the house that were surplus to requirement. It was a big skip and there was a lot of stuff. It was a happy, fulfilling weekend and I was satisfied at the end of it that I was on track.

Then I got ill. I followed advice on the NHS website, delayed seeking medical help and then was denied antibiotics. Apparently I didn’t have an infection. Except I did. So, I lost a week from work, from preparing to move and from being able to do much at all.

Last weekend then turned into a mad rush of packing the last things, then getting ready for the actual move.

He and I have worn ourselves out this week. The temperatures have been stupidly hot and we have had no time to enjoy the weather. Tuesday went smoothly but at the end we were exhausted and I went back to work on Wednesday.

This weekend we can take stock. Unpack and properly get ourselves sorted. It will be a little while before I am ready to blog properly again. There is much I want to and will say, but not yet. However, we are here and we are here together. Our new life together has begun.


8 thoughts on “New life”

  1. Good for you – the ‘potholes’ along the way didn’t deter you. This is a great new phase I’m sure x

  2. So sorry to hear you have been ill, but hope now you feel better, and despite the heat, you can settle into your new life. At least you have him by your side 🙂

    Rebel xox

  3. Sounds like the beginnings of a great adventure that’s been a long time coming.

    Hope it’s everything you hoped.

    And once settled a few select couples round for cMnF dinner parties and it’ll feel perfect.

  4. Changing homes can be the most stressful thing. It wears you out. I am so sorry you have been ill I do hope you get better soon. This is the time to adjust and find where you fit. I hope this grand adventure leads you to wonderful places. Don’t forget to just have fun and allow yourself to be a little silly.

    1. Thank you, I am pretty sure there will be plenty of fun and silliness. Just need to get some energy back!

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