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These feet

My feet

I love to walk barefoot around my house and garden. When I get home, I like to take off my shoes and feel the carpet or floor under my feet. Unless it’s really cold I don’t mind the chill of the tiles in my kitchen or the cool laminate floor in the hall. Walking on the grass of my garden, even when damp to put out the washing. I love how the patio feels warm in summer and almost icy as the nights draw out again. Unlike some, I don’t walk out in the streets barefoot. But I do like to wear sandals or flip flops, something I can slip off. But come winter you will find me in socks indoors and wearing my boots when outside.  I have limits you know.

The feet of others

I am not a lover of the feet of others. I am not turned on by feet and have never sucked the toes of another person. Though I have kissed and blown raspberries on the tiny feet of my baby and toddler son. The feet of grown people are often ugly. I am not all that keen on the sight of my own. I have toughed Master’s feet, but really only when we are taking a bath, or have just got out. No, the feet of others are not for me.

Having my feet touched

Master does like to touch my feet, to caress and to stroke. He has and does suck my toes and kiss them. He is not put off by the sight or smell of them, he seems to find them arousing. Much to my own surprise I like it.

There was a time when I hated having my feet touched. I was very ticklish and hated the idea that my boyfriend or later husband would tickle them. That is no longer the case because I really do love to sit with my feet on Master’s lap while he strokes my toes and instep. Having my toes sucked would not be my favourite thing in the world. But actually I do find it kind of erotic. When that is it is part of foreplay and leads to other parts of my body being touched and kissed.


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