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A landmark event for MPB – Public Play

Sunday was our second visit to CMnf. This twice yearly event, held at a kink club is for Male Dominants and female submissives and is one where the man is clothed, the female naked.

This was actually our third visit to the club because we also attended a pre-Christmas event. On both previous visits one or other of us had been in the throws of a cold / virus or just recovering. This time though we were both fully fit and so Sunday marked our first public play event. Master took along some of his favourite toys to use on his slave.


As soon as we arrived, I went off to change. Last time, it was pretty cold in the main play / seating area and so I decided to wear stockings and heels. I was otherwise naked. My fellow female subs and slaves ranged from being totally naked to wearing body jewellery, under breast corsets and other lingerie. The men of course were all wearing suits. It took me just moments to lose any inhibitions and as I sat chatting I forgot I and they were naked.

A main topic was the previous weekend’s eroticon as a number of us had been there. It was lovely to catch up with Molly, Michael and Cara and Sub Bee and her partner among others. Except for Cara who was there for the first time, the others are seasoned CMnf attendees. We also chatted to a couple of other couples we have met there before. To be frank, I am beginning to feel I really belong there.

Public Play Time

We hadn’t eaten lunch before arriving at the club on Sunday. Caused by drinking a little too much wine, a late night and losing an hour’s sleep. So we waited until we had eaten a little of the buffet provided. Meantime, we watched others playing, chatted and Master kept me warm with a few strokes of his fingers.

At last it was time for us to play. He wanted to violet wand me first so cuffed and blindfolded me and secured me while seated to a bench. I struggled to relax. It was such a long time since we had indulged in impact play and it was going on all around me. I wanted to enjoy the violet wand and to take the orgasms granted me, but needed impact more.

So we moved to a bench that I could lie on. As the flogging began, I began to relax and enjoy my submission in a way I haven’t in such a long time. As usual I have little idea of the toys he used. Some were more pleasant than others but all were received with pleasure and relief. Well, maybe not pleasure exactly but certainly they were welcome. I noticed the sound of other floggers and impact objects hitting my fellow subs. Sometimes everything appeared to hit home in unison. I found the sounds comforting.

Afterwards I felt floaty in a way I haven’t in a long time. I actually refused an orgasm during play, but had been given several earlier that morning.


For a long time I have been anxious that public play would make me self aware in a way I didn’t like. Even knowing I am an exhibitionist who has previously enjoyed public humiliation. My fears were not recognised and I absolutely loved the experience. It helped to have been able to get to know the environment, the people and to watch others. But now it has happened to me, I want this much more. I really hope that Master decides to take me to other places where we can play in public but that we return to CMnf next time.
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34 thoughts on “A landmark event for MPB – Public Play”

  1. Oh. This post has really enthralled me, and also turned me on. I’ve never attended a meeting like this, but I’m becoming more and more a submissive and an exhibitionist and I would love to undergo a similar experience. I do not have a regular partner now, so my questions are: may a girl go to this kind of meetings alone? Should she risk it?

  2. This was exactly what I needed to read right now. Sir has been trying to persuade me to one of these events for a while now and after speaking to Molly I felt like I might actually be able to do it. This post has reasussured me further and now it is definitely something I would like to try. Unfortunately we are pretty far away so not sure the times would work out but I am going to let Sir know I am up forit if he can arrange. Thank you for sharing ?

  3. Hi missy, I am sure you would love it too. There is accommodation on site, so that might be a possibility for you. A couple who attend regularly come over from Ireland and stay over. Hoping to see you there in the future xx

  4. That was such an interesting post Julie. I have never been to such an event but you have made it sound very appealing even for those not so brave 😉

  5. I’d like to add my voice to the appreciation. I’m still not sure where I’m at with D/s dynamic, but I’ve love to go along and watch. Maybe when I come over? I might have a better idea about “things” by then too.

    1. Indigo, if you are with us when CMnf is on, it would be wonderful if you could join us (if you wanted to). If my 30 year old self knew some of the things she had done in her 50s she would be both pleased and amazed!

  6. As one of the founders of the event mentioned here I just wanted to thank you for a lovely right up and for the kind words about our event 🙂

    1. Mr Loc I’m really disappointed that we had to cancel, my nerves got the better of me when I realised it was held in a swingers club, so we presumed swinging was involved too. I shudda messaged you or Julie, who told me about it in the first place. Having read Julie’s view of the day again, it’s made me want to go for definite this time. I just need to persuade Master, as it’s not really his thing.
      I think it would be good for us to go, but he has to make the decision.
      Daylia. ( Dirtyserf from fetlife )

    2. Hi Julie, I’m so mad at cancelling now and hadn’t realised many of the bloggers I read daily, go to it too, so it would be a great way to meet them. I really want to do it next year, we had booked the on site accomadation so we would do that again. Just hope Master will agree to go xxx

      1. Well, let’s hope he changes his mind. Essentially you can go along and just work out how much or how little you want to participate. Everyone is very friendly and as you say some are people you almost know. Perhaps try the social event in June – dress etc will be less strict. Unfortunately we will be on holiday but others will be there. Might be worth a thought.

  7. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, your unsteadiness gave that away *laughs

    It’s a step we haven’t taken and it’s unlikeky we ever will unfortunately.

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