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He leads me astray – Art Twist 4

ArtTwist 4 is about the picture Susanna and the Elders, who you can read about here

I too am a model of virtue, of chastity, but have been led astray by this man:

He seduces me with hotels containing spa baths, blue bombs and wine (not to mention the sex).

Our limbs intertwined, our backs and bottoms pummelled by the jacuzzi jets. He leads me to the bed and at that point my recollections become somewhat hazy!

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2 thoughts on “He leads me astray – Art Twist 4”

  1. Now if Susanna had the temptation of all the goodies you mention I wonder if she would have succumed?
    I love the shot of you with your lovely limbs submerged, but it’s nice to see your temptation getting in on the act too!
    Thanks for playing!
    Indie xx

    1. You are welcome. Sorry I couldn’t come up with anything new, but we are a little short on warm evenings spent by a pool……

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